Mr. Trump, the Republican debate Thursday was an exercise in excellence overall, but I was very disappointed with your response to the “New York values” issue. You have sold yourself as the sworn enemy of political correctness, but when pressed by Ted Cruz on NYC values you offered jingoistic, chin-quivering PC at its worst. You slickly diverted from the topic of values and substituted a brief sermonette on the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy. When people invoke real evils and tragedies like slavery, the Holocaust and now 9/11, completely out of context, the goal is to quell conversation not further it. Yes, you stopped Cruz dead in his tracks and won the accolades of the Republic of New York, but we learned nothing whatsoever about values – those of New York or anywhere else.

A search of the Internet will reveal hundreds of congratulatory responses from the media, whose liberal and socialistic hearts were warmed by your implicit validation of their decadent way of life. This very well may come back to haunt you as the people of America become increasingly aware of the nigh-hypnotic “moral” control the Republic has over them. Unfortunately, you have added several increments to that control with your debate non sequitur. When the drive-by media vigorously applauds you for your support, then you know something is rotten in Denmark.

One of the few to speak out against your comments was Glenn Beck, who found them “despicable” and added that “Sensible people know the tragedy of 9/11 has absolutely nothing to do with New York values.” He then threw in this little gem: “The guy they elected as mayor of New York is a communist, and everyone knows it.” Gosh, do you think maybe being a “communist” has some values embedded in it? Anyway, it warms my heart to see Glenn raging at the communists once again.

Let me give you a personal example of New York values. In 1979, I attended the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in New York City. I enjoyed the professional papers and the great food of the city, but was shocked and dismayed when I dropped by the book publishers’ displays of their wares. Situated amidst the new book offerings were not one but three “sex therapy” displays (viz. pornography), two in color and one in black and white. The three monitors were going full blast with an assortment of X-rated encounters with either self or a heterosexual other. All of this going on with a gaggle of male psychologists blocking the aisle and an occasional child or grandparent walking by. Now there are some New York “values” on display.

Mr. Trump, you should have, first, enumerated and briefly described what “New York values” are and then proceeded to tell us how and why they are so superior to those of the rest of the country. I would love to see a list of these superior values, and, indeed, I dare anyone representing the Republic to present them to us. How are they superior, for example, to my Baptist values down here in Richmond, Virginia? I predict that you will never list the true “values” of NYC, for a listing would be an embarrassment for you and the city. I am tired of radical progressives and liberal flakes bullying and judging everyone else while keeping their so-called values classified. Drop the chin-quivering sob stories and give us your list. I predict that your values will turn out to be, once revealed, a set of deuces masquerading as a full house.

Affirmative action, favoring certain groups over others, diversity, multiculturalism, radicalism, liberalism, progressivism and the like are more consequences of values than definitions of them. These are more pie-in-the-sky, majority-hating and minority-loving illusions and delusions than anything else. They are all the means by which the Republic of New York is transforming the 50 states into its own image of a Marxist Eden of social change and aversion to tradition. But again, Mr. Trump, what are the underlying “values” of this new Eden? I cannot wait for you to tell us.

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