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NRA, RNC slam Obama's gun grab

President Obama

President Obama’s Tuesday afternoon executive pronouncements on gun control may have resulted in cheers, applause and standing ovations from his inner-sanctum and press conference attendees, but outside the armed-guarded gates of the White House grounds, plenty of detractors have prepped to fight – none, perhaps, so well-funded and organized as the heavily-backed leadership of the National Rifle Association.

“President Obama failed to pass his anti-gun agenda through Congress because the majority of Americans oppose more gun control,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said to Fox News in a statement. “Now he is doing what he always does when he doesn’t get his way, which is defy the will of the people and issue an executive order.”

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And in a series of tweets, the NRA made clear: The group’s not ceding the Second Amendment ground to presidential dictates so easily.

“No other organization in the world has done more to promote firearm safety than the #NRA #2A #Obamapresser,” the organization tweeted, in the middle of Obama’s White House speech.

The group has not spelled out its strategy for fighting off Obama’s executive attack, but the stage is set for a showdown, as the Hill reported.

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Among the biggest battle looming: Congress has already shut the doors on past presidential attempts to mandate background checks on personal firearms’ transfers and sales. But Obama, in his speech, basically announced he was rewriting law by himself so his Justice Department could regulate and prosecute that particular category of gun buyers and sellers, as WND reported.

The NRA noted several inconsistencies and errors in Obama’s speech.

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“President Obama’s rhetoric does not match his record,” the group tweeted. “Gun crime prosecutions are way down.” In a separate related tweet, the NRA wrote: “Why did crime prosecutions drop 15% in 5 years under President Obama?”

And in another, in direct response to Obama’s claim the gun-rights’ groups don’t want any controls on firearms at all, the NRA tweeted: “FYI: The #NRA has been calling for the full enforcement of existing law for … a while now. #2A.”

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The NRA also noted Obama’s heavy-handedness on making his Second Amendment curbs a social justice matter.

“Funny how @POTUS invokes civil liberties while trying to restrict one of them. #2A.”

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The group also noted in a couple other Twitter messages Obama’s “executive orders will do nothing to improve public safety” and “expanded background checks wouldn’t have stopped recent gunmen.”

The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, sent out a similarly scathing assessment of Obama’s orders.

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In a statement from RNC chief Reince Priebus, the organization said: “Ever since the American people voted to place a check on President Obama’s agenda, he has routinely overstepped his constitutional authority to force his policies on the American people and this gun control push is no different. The Supreme Court reaffirmed gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right, but that clearly hasn’t stopped President Obama and the Democrats’ obsession with restricting the Second Amendment.”