Obama set to huddle with Bernie Sanders

By Cheryl Chumley

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt.
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

The White House announced in a brief statement President Obama will go behind closed doors for a sit-down with Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-declared socialist who’s been tearing up the Democratic primary campaign path in recent weeks.

Following a briefing with Jack Lew and Joe Biden, Treasury secretary and vice president, respectively, “the president will meet with Sen. Bernie Sanders,” the White House said in a statement.

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“This meeting in the Oval Office is closed press,” the statement finished.

The meeting is notable in large part because Obama has yet to endorse anyone for president, and because the front-runner of a couple months ago, Hillary Clinton, has fallen from poll favor over honesty issues and in the face of a possible indictment for her ongoing email server investigation.

The Clinton campaign has been taken somewhat off guard at the growing popularity of Sanders and has seemed to respond by cozying up to Obama in public.

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As Breitbart noted: “Republican front-runner Donald Trump mocked Clinton’s sucking up to Obama, saying at a rally in Tulsa that Clinton is trying to get Obama to intervene in the FBI investigation into her private email use, which could result in an indictment.”

During an interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren a week ago, Trump reiterated remarks he made at an earlier Iowa campaign stop, saying of Clinton: “Look, she has done things that are absolutely wrong and absolutely illegal no matter how you look at it … And she’s gone through nothing. And I say it’s up to the president. It’s up to the Democrats. What the Democrats are doing is preserving her to run for office. Anybody else who did what she did would now be sitting in the clinker.”

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