Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

A surprising acknowledgement of the benefits of Christianity from noted atheist Richard Dawkins has been resurrected from its 2010 roots and re-posted, shared and spread on present day social-media sites, mostly because the non-believer pointed to Islam and compared it to the teachings of Jesus – and concluded the latter can actually be a boon to society.

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“There are no Christians, as far as I know, blowing up buildings,” Dawkins was quoted as saying in an interview with the Times, Breitbart reported. “I am not aware of any Christian suicide bombers. I am not aware of any majority Christian denomination that believes the penalty for apostasy is death.”

He then spoke of the decline of Christianity in Europe as if it were a bad thing.

“I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity,” Dawkins said, “in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something worse.”

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

The sharing of Dawkins’ earlier comments come on the heels of several high-profile terror acts in the last year, the most recent of which came just Tuesday in Istanbul, Turkey, as WND reported. His remarks are also pertinent to today’s issues as the United States preps for a presidential election that is seeing the front-runner Republican primary candidate, Donald Trump, winning big in the polls for his stance on immigration, national security and terrorism – and outgoing President Obama losing favor among Americans for his perceived do-nothing approach to fighting ISIS.

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