(BREITBART) Monday on his radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh criticized Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for how he has chosen to attack his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz.

Limbaugh called Trump’s a “strategic error,” but explained that the conflict between the two was inevitable.

“I sit back and I watch all of this play out,” Limbaugh said. “We’re watching a couple of really qualified professionals in the communications game go at it. And, as is in the past, I do not even consider inserting myself in the middle of it, other than to tell you things I’m telling you here on the air. And I will tell you, like I’ve said before, that I think Trump is making a strategic error in the way he criticizes Cruz. But, folks, it’s unrealistic to expect that they’re not gonna go after each other. They’re number one and two. Iowa and New Hampshire are at stake. This is politics.”

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