Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

One viewer of a new movie whose star is warning about the “agents of the destruction of 9/11” says, “It was just spell-binding.”

Viewers around the country cannot get enough of “The Harbinger Man,” the hit documentary profiling the life and teachings of Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

Almost 90 percent of viewers have left the film a five star rating at Amazon.com and sales are strong for one of the top movies in any category for 2015.

Viewers rave:

  • Wonderful documentary about an exceptional voice in our day. A man whose own life has been full of tumult from atheism to faith. Now well known as a best-selling author and Messianic Rabbi shepherding many in New York and beyond. Produced by the director of “Alone Yet Not Alone.” Well worth viewing by honest persons.
  • Love this holy messianic rabbi! God has truly blessed him. In this movie, you can witness the miracles that have guided Rabbi Cahn during his life. There are no coincidences! Such a humble and blessed man. God is using him to give this country warning to repent.
  • You will walk away from this highly recommend movie amazed to see how GOD transformed an atheist into one of the greatest Prophets of our time.

The film tells the remarkable – some would say miraculous – story of Jonathan Cahn. Cahn is well known as the author of the bestselling book “The Harbinger” and as the man who introduced the country to the concept of the Shemitah, an ancient biblical mystery which explains many of the stunning economic and geopolitical events of our time.

Many viewers are fervent followers of Rabbi Cahn and believers in his call for America to repent before it is too late. As one viewer put it, the film is “an absolute 10 – the story of Jehovah God’s Jewish Prophet to America.”

But the film isn’t just for believers or fans of Jonathan Cahn. As viewers observe, it’s an artistic triumph and a riveting spectacle for all audiences. And it’s an important profile of one of the most influential voices in American Christianity.

As a more detached person who saw the movie argued: “This film is actually pretty important for Americans to watch, revealing the background of a man who has had a huge impact on Christianity within our country.

“Like many people, I knew the name but knew nothing about what he actually believed or taught. I found myself fascinated by a man who sees himself as nothing less than a kind of bridge between Jews and Christians, reconciling the oldest split in Western culture.”

Cahn’s importance is likely to grow in the years ahead, as the turbulent events taking place around the globe are encouraging people to look for answers in Scripture. Recently, Cahn appeared on the Jim Bakker show to discuss the significance of the terrorist attacks in Europe and the rise of Islamic radicalism.

“America has been racing away from God,” he warned. “Racing away from God while the agents of the destruction of 9/11 have not decreased they have grown stronger. They are reappearing. They are manifesting. They are coming to the West now. This is a dangerous, dangerous combination and is a classical biblical combination. This is what was happening back then.”

Cahn drew a parallel from America’s present position to the defiance of ancient Israel after God sent judgments upon the nation. He compared it to America’s current “apostasy” even as the country is increasingly surrounded by enemies who wish its destruction.

“We are seeing the things we were first warned about,” he told Bakker.

Cahn argues prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.

“We are seeing it happen,” he said.

Cahn charged the persecution and intimidation of Christians in America is even being seen by the rest of the world as an example to avoid, noting the irony of once atheistic Communist Russia now portraying itself as a Christian alternative to an anti-Christian America.

“These are dangerous times and dangerous signs,” warned Cahn. “By God’s grace, we haven’t had it [final judgment] yet, but we are racing towards it. And so we must be aware of the signs of the times.”

Viewers of “The Harbinger Man” would agree. And many seem just as eager to spread Cahn’s message as Cahn himself.

“I think his message is desperately needed in today’s world – repent and choose God!” said one. “I applaud him for his strong, passionate desire to bring souls to Christ. Keep blowing your trumpet Jonathan!”


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