State of the Union smoke and mirrors

By Ted Nugent

Well done, Mr. President. There is nothing quite as heart-warming as an enemy too stupid to believe his own tactical failings who then stands up there in front of a nation foolishly thinking we will continue to allow you to get away with your oath-violating nonsense.

And for yet another opportunity in your Big Scam State of the Union lie-fest to see right through your glaring anti-American agenda, we the people thank you.

We have all the painful evidence and documentation any thinking person could ever demand to prove once and for all that the dumbing down of America has been on the fast track for many, many years. But never before could it have been more volatile and painfully obvious than Tuesday night in that room full of brainwashed Pavlov’s dogs/sheep as they mindlessly cheered your lies.

I’m sure Frank Marshall Davis, Cloward, Piven and Saul Alinsky are so very proud of you and Valerie Jarrett.

For the record, the economy is not strong. It is dangerously artificial, and the working-hard, playing-hard middle class would like to thank you for nothing.

Even as you condemn and demonize the hardest working, most successful, risk taking, sacrificing American families, your twisted, embarrassingly rookie crash-and-burn economic suicide mission remains on course.

Twenty trillion dollars in debt due to insane waste, fraud, corruption, vote bribing and blatant cronyism gone mad is a strong economy? Sure it is, and Bruce Jenner is “for all practical purposes a woman,” except of course for that pesky penis.

America is not strong like she is supposed to be and as she used to be. When you are so disconnected as to rely on civilian military advisers for security and defense strategies, you know you have flown over the cuckoo’s nest one too many times.

Turning to civilian military advisers would be like me having Peter, Paul & Mary give me guidance on my electric guitar tone.

What is a secure nation if not for the security and enforcement of its borders? America has never been subject to a more precarious and outright dangerous exposure to terror than with the criminally porous borders this administration has allowed as an engineered welcome flow for Democrat votes.

Why in God’s name anyone would take their lives into their own hands to escape the hellholes of the world to come to America, and then mindlessly vote for the party that would allow them to turn this country into the hellholes they escaped from?

You tell me. Logic won’t let me to go there.

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Never in my 67 American Dream years could I have ever imagined our government so cruelly ignoring the needs of our U.S. military veterans. It is evil enough that such widespread corruption and malfeasance exists in the VA, but to turn a blind eye to it all and not hold anyone accountable is a worse crime than the uncaring cruelty itself.

Our government can provide billions of dollars to help assimilate refugees from populations known to harbor America-hating jihadists, but we can’t find the funds to help American heroes who have sacrificed dearly for our country?

If that doesn’t expose a treasonous callousness, I don’t know what might.

Deals with Iran, all lovey-dovey with Communist Cuba, constantly giving the benefit of the doubt to Muslims while ignoring the slaughter of Christians around the world, incessant blabbering about closing down Guantanamo in defiance of the best military minds, allowing rules of engagement that endanger our warriors while benefiting the enemy, criminally infringing on our Second Amendment rights while ignoring the engineered recidivism by a failed justice system, rewarding slovenliness and laziness with a counterproductive welfare scam system, ignoring the outright criminality of the Lois Learners, Hillary Clintons, Eric Holders, Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis et al. of the world, daring to align with thugs based on the color of their skin instead of the content of their character, wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars by the billions for soulless spending indulgences and fundraising junkets, nothing done about Fast and Furious, nothing done about Benghazi, nothing done about the IRS crimes, nothing done about the BLM and EPA crimes against their own citizens, your runaway change for the worse and our hope that it ends as soon as possible, and so much more will all go down in history as the era we the people were sound asleep and the blind led the blind to America’s worst chapter ever.

I could go on, but it creates a terrible taste in my free American mouth.

This year, 2016, damn well better be the year when America wakes up to the clear and present danger of a president and government out of control.

The state of the union is not all peachy. It is precariously weaving on the edge of collapse, and we the people better admit it and fix it this year with a government by the people and for the people instead of the current mess of a government against the people and for themselves.

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