2016 March (EWTN livestream screen grab)

2016 March (EWTN livestream screen grab)

Thumbing their collective nose at forecasts that called for up to three feet of snow in the Washington, D.C., region over the weekend, thousands of people gathered for the 2016 March for Life in the nation’s capital Friday, the day which marks the Supreme Court’s creation in 1973 of a “right” to abort, to dismember, even sell body parts from, the unborn.

And members were warned that this year’s election could play a role more important than many in recent years.

“In less than a year, there will be a new president in the White House,” said GOP candidate Carly Fiorina. “The next president will pick up to four Supreme Court justices who will decide issues of life and religious liberty. Whether we as a nation believe – as the Democrat platform says – that a life isn’t a life until it leaves the hospital. Whether a baby only a month from being born is only as good as the organs you can sell from it.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood superstar joins thousands at ‘March for Life’

While Fiorina addressed the March for Life crowd before thousands made that march to the U.S. Supreme court, her comments also were posted online.

She said the 2016 election is “a fight for the character of our nation.”

Her references to the body parts recalled the undercover videos released during 2015 that showed Planned Parenthood executives negotiating over the prices they would be paid for body parts from unborn children.

On executive infamously said during discussions over what she would be paid, “I want a Lamborghini.”

Continued Fiorina, “The establishment media and political class don’t want us to talk about what the abortion industry is doing. You saw what happened when I talked about the horrific truth of the Planned Parenthood videos during a Republican debate. Unlike the media, you’ve watched the videos. You’ve seen an aborted baby, its legs kicking, its heart beating while the technician describes how they would keep these babies alive to harvest their organs. The left called me a liar. They said there were no such videos. There are no aborted babies born alive. Nobody is selling baby parts.”

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She said, “Hillary Clinton is giving a pro-abortion speech today in New Hampshire. She is saying that we as conservative women don’t count. But here’s the truth: They have perverted feminism into a left-leaning political ideology where women are pitted against men and used as a political weapon to win elections. Being empowered means having a voice. But ideological feminism shuts down conversation …”

She brought the issue back into focus.

“You know, Planned Parenthood actually shows up at my events,” Fiorina said. “So let me say this to the Planned Parenthood supporters: You can scream and throw condoms at me all day long. You won’t silence me. You don’t scare me. I have battled breast cancer. I have buried a child. I have read the Bible. I know the value of life.”

When the next president takes office, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg will be nearly 88, Antonin Scalia almost 85, Anthony Kennedy almost 85, Stephen Breyer 82, Clarence Thomas 72, Samuel Alito 70, Sonia Sotomayor 66, John Roberts 65, and Elena Kagan 60.

The March for Life organization had announced its schedule of events would not be changed – no matter the weather forecasts.

“The march has gone on through rain, snow, sub-freezing temperatures and more as the solemn day of the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and will do so again,” the organization posted online. “While weather reports indicate a major snow storm [bearing] down on the nation’s capital late in the afternoon, the event starting on the national mall at noon Friday will not be cancelled.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood superstar joins thousands at ‘March for Life’

“Tens of thousands of people from across the country have traveled to Washington for this massive event and we ask participants to use their best judgement as to whether they should come in person or watch on TV,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life.

The March for Life in Washington, D.C., began as a small demonstration on Jan. 22, 1974, the first anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions, and rapidly grew to be the largest pro-life event in the world.

Marchers say, “The peaceful demonstration that has followed on this somber anniversary every year since is a witness to the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, abortion.”

WND columnist Linda Harvey noted this week that Roe vs. Wade has been the trigger for “58 million deaths.”

“There’s a similar chasm forming in America, dividing not just Christians and unbelievers, but faithful and compromised Christians. Many leftists consider themselves Christians, but their ‘fruit’ tells a different story,” she writes. “As pro-life warriors stand in vigil in our nation’s capital and recall the abortion holocaust this week at the March for Life, we need to reconnect with God as Creator, while we remember that He is also our judge.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood superstar joins thousands at ‘March for Life’

Commented the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal, “Today’s march, like so many before it, overwhelmingly features young people – a testament to the truth’s ability to not only change the hearts and minds of an entire generation, but ignite a passion that’s hard to quench.

“But the power of the pro-life movement is not merely in the many thousands of marchers who make their now familiar journey to the Supreme Court each year. The movement’s heartbeat and success are in the simple, daily witness of Americans who recognize that every human has the right to life and that abortion victimizes both mother and child.

“Every day, thousands of pregnancy centers across the country provide counseling and medical services and empower women facing difficult situations with life-affirming options. Pregnant women and expectant couples are offered vital parenting resources, and birth mothers in tough circumstances are educated on the beautiful choice of adoption and are connected with the many families eager and ready to open their hearts and homes to children.

“This cultural shift toward life is reflected in the over 200 pro-life laws enacted by policymakers in the last four years alone. Many include policies ensuring that women are given accurate information before an abortion procedure, abortion facilities are held to reasonable safety standards, and limits are placed on late-term abortions that not only take the lives of children that can live outside the womb, but can also harm women.”

A video featuring WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, originally on Facing Life television, reveals the insider analysis of former abortionist Anthony Levantino, former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson and former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett, on the real fight.

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Read the tested and proven strategies to defeat the abortion cartel, in “Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time.”

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