The 2nd Amendment vs. a government gone mad

By Ted Nugent

As we jettison passionately into making this new year, 2016, the best year of our lives, we must constantly remind ourselves as Americans, as hunters and as freedom lovers that freedom is not free. As hardcore hunters celebrating this cherished lifestyle, nobody knows better than we do how this unique hands-on conservation lifestyle represents the essence of American freedom to own land, keep and bear arms, own the wildlife, to pursue our own individual happiness and to be financially compensated based on work ethic, sacrifice, risk taking and never giving up.

As I proudly slam headfirst into my 68th American Dream year, I find myself once again recoiling in abject anger at the runaway criminal, oath-violating, clear and present infringing of our precious Second Amendment rights by a government gone mad.

Perpetrating another one of his Saul Alinsky scams on an ever-increasing dumbed down American public, the president of the United States and his gang of America-hating cronies are overly confident that there are enough Americans clueless to his freedom-hating agenda and his intentional deception on the relationship between crime and guns that he can actually get away with more and more criminal oath-violating infringement.

It is painfully clear that this man lies every time he opens his mouth, from his “all of the above energy” lies, to his Benghazi video lie, to his “you can keep your doctor” Obamacare lie, to his maniacal firearms background-check scam.

Know that not one of his new Second Amendment infringements would have stopped nor will ever stop any mass shooting, or any criminal misuse of firearms.

While he directs his so-called Department of Justice to not prosecute the glaringly guilty IRS power abusers or the vile Veterans Affairs violators, his Fedzillacrats continue to turn a blind eye toward the daily criminal carnage in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and elsewhere, refusing to enforce dozens of federal gun laws already on the books.

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He lies that somehow it is the NRA members of America, average family gun owners who are to blame for violent crime while he releases tens of thousands of violent, dangerous felons back onto our streets and supports the insanity of “sanctuary cities” where illegal invaders and violent criminals can avoid prosecution.

Meanwhile, his attorney general dares to threaten law-abiding American gun owners while ignoring the gangbangers assaulting the streets of America.

I have conducted federal raids going after released dangerous felons with the U.S. Marshal Service, FBI, DEA and Texas Rangers. Why are we going after dangerous violent felons? Why are they released from their cages? Who is letting these evildoers out to repeat their violent crimes?

What does this have to do with deer hunting?

Everything, because if just the 20 million or so licensed deer hunters in America were all NRA members and we signed up all our families, friends and coworkers, that would be enough to put an end to the insane claim by Tom Brokaw and other zombies that the Second Amendment is limited to sporting arms.

I assure you that when courageous American patriots stood up against the insidious tyranny of King George’s punks at the bridge in Concord, they were not willing to die for sporting, conservation or dinner killing considerations.

They fought and died and wrote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to list the self-evident truths that outlined freedom. Individual, God-given, we the people freedom.

We will continue to share ideas, thoughts, experiences and our love for hunting and the Great Outdoors, but be it known by all good men everywhere that American freedom is on the line and the best counterpunch available to American citizens is to be members of the mighty National Rifle Association.

If you are not a member, please join today. If you are a current member, please consider upgrading. Give gift memberships to family, hunting buddies, coworkers, schoolmates, friends at church and to whomever you can whenever you can.

As far as I’m concerned, now more than ever, it is the No. 1 duty of real freedom-loving and freedom-demanding Americans everywhere to be members of the NRA. A human being denied the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms is a slave to power abusers. History makes that perfectly clear.

Keep means it’s mine and you can’t have it.

Bear means I’ve got one or two on me right now and they’re loaded.

Anything less is a treasonous infringement, and we all had better refuse to tolerate it any longer.

Go to and be a warrior for American freedom. A U.S. military hero died so that you can. How dare we not?

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