The great scammaster strikes again

By Ted Nugent

Political correctness has a hero, and in the absence of Hillary Clinton’s hero and mentor, the great scammer Saul Alinsky, president Obama takes the Oscar.

In his most recent charade, the president performed flawlessly for the dumbed down clueless sheep that blindly worship him and his America-hating agenda.

If our Founding Fathers had access to a crystal ball, they could have replaced the words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment with “shall not be Obama’d.”

This guy is a real piece of work. The mind scrambles furiously to grasp how stupid anyone could possibly be to listen to this scammer in chief with his never-ending lies about so-called “gun violence.”

I have never heard the terms “automobile violence” of “brick violence” or “pipe violence.” Yet the deadly abuse of various weaponry such as vehicles, pipes, fists, baseball bats and bricks are used to kill and maim people much more often than any so-called “assault weapon” ever has.

A liberal friend of mine often squawks incoherently about how when faced with problems in life, we must do something!

If a child is drowning in a river, throwing the child a cinder block would qualify as doing something. Unfortunately, like the president’s newest list of Second Amendment infringements, all he proposes are the wrong things.

Upon careful study of his crazed background checks smoke and mirrors, it is painfully obvious that none of them would have stopped nor will ever likely stop any mass shootings, or any murders at all.

As the scammer in chief releases thousands upon thousands of dangerous criminals from our prisons and welcomes thousands and thousands more un-vetted refugees from jihadist epicenters, he continues to support criminal safe-zone sanctuary cities and he and his so-called Department of Justice continue to ignore the daily recidivistic carnage in his hometown of Chicago and elsewhere, refusing to enforce dozens of federal gun laws already on the books – yet somehow it is NRA members that remain his focus.

That previous sentence can best be summed up as engineered violent recidivism at the hands of power-abusing Fedzillacrats gone mad.

Meanwhile, his cohort in infringement crime U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch dares to threaten law-abiding gun owners while turning a blind eye to rampant repeat crime by Hillary Clinton, the IRS and the VA.

Never before have more Americans purchased more firearms and ammunition. Never before have more American families joined the National Rifle Association. Never before have more Americans been so dramatically let down by our government.

It is time for all American patriots to join the NRA. It is time for all American patriots to raise maximum hell with our elected employees to bring an end to this outrageous abuse of power and corruption.

Keep – means its mine and you can’t have it.

Bear – means I’ve got one or two on me right now and they’re loaded.

Anything that compromises this self-evident truth, this U.S. constitutionally guaranteed, God-given individual right, is a criminal oath-violating infringement, and the infringers must be held accountable.

It’s the criminal, stupid. Not the gun.

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