When will America stop giving homosexuals everything they demand, even when others are placed at risk?

Two recent examples: The FDA just yielded to pressure from the “gay” lobby and drastically lowered the blood donation standards for homosexual men in spite of the disease-ridden realities of homosexual practices.

Yet several states and now the city of Cincinnati have banned counseling if it assists a teen who does not want to act on same-sex attractions or wants to identify as a male instead of a transvestite.

No, this is not a “Saturday Night Live” skit. Driving these decisions are spiteful “LGBT” behaviorists who want to shut down moral sanity and subvert the truth to prove they are as “good as you.” And if kids are endangered along the way, so what?

The new FDA regulations allow MSM, males who have sex with other males, to donate blood if they swear to abstinence for the previous 12 months.

And we are supposed to trust these people.

Not all homosexuals are untruthful, but there’s reason to be skeptical. Last year I gave a speech to high-school seniors covering the long-documented health risks of male homosexual sex, including the approximately 30,000 new HIV infections they bring each year to American public health. And I covered the FDA’s long-standing ban on blood donations from MSM who’ve had sex with another male anytime since 1977.

But this ban depended on the honor system from people who often have a dubious concept of “honor.”

At the end, a boy came up to me and defiantly announced he was “gay,” and said, “They don’t stop us from giving blood, you know.” When I asked how he knew that, he said, “Because I’ve done it.”

This emerging bad attitude is acknowledged by the FDA: Some “… view the current policy as discriminatory and stigmatizing, and … some individuals knowingly donate despite the deferral.” So, reward bad behavior to make them feel better while endangering the nation’s blood supply?

Homosexual behavior expands a person’s “health footprint” to risk levels far higher than the overall population. And America, especially our kids, deserve to know this.

These health risks are being deliberately withheld from youth. It’s not part of the narrative, so it must not be revealed. Yes, HIV can now be treated with powerful, expensive antiretroviral medications, but most Americans still do not wish to contract this disease from homosexuals.

Risk is risk, and the onus should be on them to change. And they can, which brings up the next recent outrage.

In December, a court in New Jersey ordered JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, to end its programs and activities, effectively shutting it down. The group had been hauled into court by the hate-conjuring Southern Poverty Law Center on a trumped-up “consumer fraud” suit, because JONAH, like many other groups and churches around the country, helps people overcome same-sex attractions.

SPLC provided no proof of harm other than unsubstantiated anecdotal claims from unhappy homosexuals. The New Jersey kangaroo court exhibited breathtaking bias, even preventing JONAH’s six defense experts from testifying and barring JONAH from launching a First Amendment, religious-freedom defense.

Arthur Goldberg and Elaine Berk, JONAH co-directors, released this comment to the press: “The tragic miscarriage of justice which occurred in the JONAH case reflects the near triumph of political correctness and the gay activist agenda in the USA.”

Then there’s Cincinnati City Council, which recently voted 7-2 to ban therapy for same-sex attractions for minors. The stealth measure was enacted in December with little advance notice or chance for public input. Citizens for Community Values, or CCV, has pledged to sue the city over this unjust ban.

The ban is the brainchild of Chris Seelbach, an openly homosexual council member, who leveled false accusations about counseling methods and gave heartfelt but inaccurate testimony before the council: “Imagine you are 15 or 16 and you’ve known for years for are ‘LGBT.'” Stop the tape – these are not genetic traits. No peer-reviewed study has revealed inborn same-sex attraction or being born in the “wrong sex” body. The best research points to sexual molestation or other background experiences that produce unwanted same-sex desire in adolescents.

Seelbach continued the melodrama, that some of these kids’ parents respond with, “This goes against the Bible. … we are going to send you to a doctor to change you.”

He then falsely alluded to electro-shock therapy methods and other alleged horrors, not used by any known therapist. Seelbach said he “personally experienced this 20 years ago.” Really?

We’ve heard ridiculous allegations before. In New Jersey in 2013, a gender-confused man told a Senate committee he had been tortured at an Ohio camp meant to cure him. Therapist Chris Doyle investigated this claim and found no evidence such a camp ever existed. In fact, the details of this transvestite’s “testimony” and even the name of the camp (“True Directions”) are taken right from the plot of a low-budget 1999 homosexual movie called, “But I’m a Cheerleader!” featuring transvestite Ru Paul.

David Pickup, a psychotherapist specializing in reparative therapy, challenged this narrative at a later CCV press conference. “There has not been one ethical complaint to any licensing board of any state in the union about change therapies or therapists.” And he added this poignant and critical element: “Every competent therapist knows that for some children their homosexual feelings arise because of being sexually abused by older friends or pedophiles. … Can you imagine a therapist like myself who would have to tell that boy I can’t help you because it’s illegal?”

Cincinnati is the first city to ban this child-protective counseling alternative, joining the District of Columbia and the states of California, Illinois, Oregon and New Jersey (signed by Gov. Chris Christie).

Our Lord designed two categories of humans, male and female, and it’s a marvelous creation. Why bow to those who want to defy Almighty God?

It puts America on a course of self-destruction.

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