Trucks constantly crash into this low bridge

By Around the Web

(NEWSER) – There are signs and warning lights that flash. But, still, box trucks, campers, and other tall vehicles keep taking on the notoriously low railroad bridge at Peabody and Gregson streets in Durham, NC. And they keep losing. The bridge has shaved the tops off of more than 100 vehicles since 2008, and Jürgen Henn has captured it all on video, the Wall Street Journal reports. “It can be pretty spectacular,” he says. Henn works in a building near the bridge. After witnessing several accidents, he says, “I figured I’d keep track of it for a while.” He aimed a security camera at the bridge. Then added a second camera on a building across the street, along with an infrared camera to capture nighttime wrecks. Some of his videos have more than a million views, per the Journal.

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