I have not endorsed in the presidential race, but I take heat almost every day for going on national TV and defending Trump’s candidacy.

I understand trepidation regarding Donald Trump, but even my husband, who has endorsed another candidate, has sage advice for those newer to politics who fear the temperament of Donald Trump.

One of the biggest reservations GOP primary voters have about Donald Trump is doubt whether he believes what he says, or whether he is just a great salesman telling them what they want to hear while planning to deliver something totally different.

A theme among his detractors is that Trump will win the election, then become a big-government-loving leftist. I am not sure how they can tell someone’s personal motivations, but some claim with certainty to know that Trump is being deceitful.

So, the question is: How do you get Trump or any politician to do what you want them to do after they are elected?

My husband is a former Missouri state senator, and he knows what it takes to get an elected official to do as the voters wish. When he speaks at events, he asks the question:

How do you get your elected officials to do what you want them to do once they are elected?

He gets some great responses from the crowd.

  • Bribe them.
  • Blackmail them.
  • Threaten them.
  • Work on their campaign.
  • Call their office.
  • Email them.
  • Send postcards and letters.

The crowd never gets it right.

My husband gives the answer: “Elect someone who agrees with you already!” Put another way, if you really want politicians to do what you want, you support candidates whose interests are the same as yours.

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During this campaign, I have been watching for the candidate who fearlessly declares the following:

  • The biggest problem with government isn’t Democrats. It’s gutless Republicans who kowtow to lobbyists and consultants so they can be re-elected.
  • Obamacare must be repealed.
  • The Veterans Administration must be fixed.
  • Government must allow business to thrive and create jobs.
  • Government spending must be cut dramatically.
  • The next president must be independent of consultants and lobbyists.
  • Illegal immigration must be stopped.

Not only has Trump been saying the right things, but Trump’s personal wealth and business interests depend on a strong, secure America. Trump’s personal interests are the same as mine and yours and every other American trying to make a living. You cannot question whether Donald Trump wants the U.S. economy to be strong. Should the economy tank under a Trump presidency, who has more to lose: you or him?

For years, it has been in my personal interest to destroy the GOP establishment that colludes with Wall Street, loses elections and won’t stand up to the Democrats, and I have been looking for a presidential candidate who shares those same interests. I was flabbergasted when Trump outwitted party bosses who have intimidated and controlled candidates since Reagan. That is when I started defending his candidacy.

Trump’s signature campaign issue has been immigration. He has said all the right things about illegal immigration, and there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that it will be the focus of a Trump presidency. No one in their right mind would withstand the harassment, death threats and abuse that Trump has endorsed on this issue, and then not carry through when elected.

The GOP primary has been a national story since Trump announced his candidacy. There is no question in anyone’s mind where he stands. He won’t be able to change his position during the general election like GOP candidates have in past years.

Illegal immigration is the most important issue of our time, and that issue transcends party lines. No other issue matters if our culture is destroyed and our borders are breached by those who wish to kill innocent Americans.

Trump can use his signature issue in the general election to pull more people into the big tent.

A mother afraid for her child’s safety doesn’t care with what party a candidate is affiliated. She does not care about a candidate’s past statements about eminent domain. As a developer responsible to investors, Trump had a fiduciary responsibility to regard eminent domain from an aggressive, private corporation point of view. As president, I see him happily leaving the issue to the states, where the Founding Fathers put it.

As mothers send their kids to school to be among illegal immigrant children, many of whom may be carrying diseases brought over from foreign nations, they don’t care what political donations a candidate made in past years to politicians of different parties.

American workers do not care that a candidate changed his mind on abortion when they are afraid of being killed by Islamic terrorists at their workplaces.

No other candidate had the guts to even discuss illegal immigration until Trump entered the race. Now, it is the number one topic in every debate. Democrats effectively made the issue so untouchable that consultants conceded the issue and told their candidates to avoid the issue at any cost.

If another candidate had stepped up as Trump has and fearlessly tackled the issue of illegal immigration, I would be totally on board with them. I want to see fearlessness in the candidate I endorse. I don’t love his arrogance, but Trump has made this issue his. Since this mom needs to know her children will be safe and that our culture and economy won’t be destroyed by foreign invaders, I will gladly continue to defend his candidacy in my work. My intention isn’t to endorse him; I think a little humility would go a long way for him. But if believing Trump is worth defending because his interests agree with my interests is perceived as a tacit endorsement, then so be it.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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