Pope Francis showed his angry side while greeting fans at a stadium in Morella, Mexico, after an over-exuberant well-wisher tugged to hard on his robe and toppled him.

Sky News reported the pope’s tumble led him to crush against a child for a few tense moments. The Daily Mail said he fell on a wheelchair-bound man.

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Either way, the pontiff didn’t appreciate the welcome.

He shouted in anger, in Spanish: “No seas egoista,” the Daily Mail reported. In English, that means: “Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish.”

Sky News said the well-wisher, whose identity is unknown, grabbed him with both arms and wouldn’t let go. Security rushed to help the pope, 79, get back on his feet.

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The pope was in the middle of a six-day tour through Mexico due to wrap at a stop on the border with Texas, where he’s due to lay a wreath to express his sorrow at America’s failure to accept as many migrants and illegals as he’d like.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who’s made a campaign out of pledging to crack down on illegal immigration, recently outed the pope for his highly charged politicking.

As WND previously reported, Trump called him a “very political person.”

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