Sen. Ted Cruz, in a show of his lighter side, has put out a campaign ad that uses children “playing Trump” to point out the fallacies of the leading Republican candidate, ultimately seeing them smash a dollhouse in a childish display of how the billionaire businessman uses eminent domain in the real world.

The ad opens with three children playing around the dollhouse, one of whom holds an action-figure doll dressed like Trump; another, one of Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton.

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The children reference the Trump doll and say things like, “He pretends to be a Republican,” and “I give money to [Sen. Harry] Reid, [Rep. Nancy] Pelosi and [disgraced former congressman] Anthony Weiner.”

The children also pretend as if the Trump doll and Clinton figure are “friends.”

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The final scene depicts the Trump doll pretend speaking of the “lousy” house the children surround and expressing desire to “park his limos there.” Ultimately, the children smash the house with their Trump and Clinton dolls, while depicting an act of eminent domain.

Rick Tyler, director of Cruz’s campaign communications, said to the Journal Review the ad uses children to “make a serious issue easy to understand and fun.”

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