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Cruz Super PAC: 'Trump wins' South Carolina

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Photo: Twitter)

In a somewhat shocking admission, Ted Cruz’s Super PAC “Keep the Promise” president, Kellyanne Conway, said contender Donald Trump, not the senator she actually supports, would take South Carolina in its upcoming primary.

“Trump wins,” she said, in an interview with Breitbart, “but not by the dramatic margins that he got in New Hampshire, not by the dramatic margins that some of these polls show.”

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She said her polling shows Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio will come in second and third, respectively.

Still, Team Cruz isn’t going down without a fight.

Conway said her Super PAC members have physically knocked on more than 100,000 doors around the state. And that doesn’t count the campaign’s own efforts, she said.

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Cruz has been predicted to fare well in South Carolina, especially in comparison to New Hampshire, because of the prevalence of evangelicals in the state. New Hampshire touts a more independent-minded base with far fewer evangelicals.

So far, Trump has scored with voters in both Iowa and in New Hampshire, keeping the lead in the Republican primary race for president.