Facebook has been called to censor some posts.

Facebook has been called to censor some posts.

The second largest newspaper in Sweden, the Dagens Nyheter, has called on Facebook and other social media companies to start censoring posts for racism, sexism and other perceived offensive words and statements.

In an editorial, writer Bjorn Wiman said: “The large network company’s refusal to publicly respond to questions about these guidelines – and our acceptance of this silence – is one of the greatest scandals.”

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He went on, calling on the DN.se website for censorship of “hate speech,” Breitbart reported.

“Facebook and other big network companies still have the ability to clean up in this quagmire of sexism, racism and serious threats of violence,” Wiman wrote. “That they do not is incomprehensible.”

He then spoke of Sweden’s regard for the freedom of speech and press but said social media has become a “haven” of sorts for those with violent tendencies to spout hateful rhetoric.

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“The events in Stockholm a few weeks ago, when a lynch mob pulled through the city in search of people with ‘foreign’ appearance, shows what it looks like when Internet hate is stepping out into the street,” he wrote, speaking of the migrant attacks and sexual harassment of women and young girls.

Wiman also bemoaned the fact that whenever someone tries to report racism, sexism or hate speech on Facebook, they’re ignored.

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