rape billboard finland

A public-service advertisement running on Finland TV instructs women in the Scandinavian country on how to fend off a rapist.

But rather than pull out a handgun or even pepper spray, the women of Finland are taught to confront their attackers with bare hands and a purse.

Rape epidemics have engulfed Finland, Sweden and Germany in a sea of fear since the mass influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa began two years ago.

The TV commercial shows a woman walking by herself down a snowy sidewalk in Finland. She is approached by a male actor playing the role of rapist. She stiff arms the man and shouts “No!” The man immediately backs off, almost apologetically.

He is then shown again, returning to the scene and sneaking up behind the woman, attempting to grab her by the hair. She places both of her hands out this time to ward him off.

A third attempt by the man to grab her by the arm is finally met with more force, as the woman swings her handbag at her attacker.

Watch the full video, just over a minute in length, on Finland TV:

Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said he found the video laughable.

“When I watched that video my jaw dropped,” Gottlieb said. “The woman could have help up a sign reading please don’t rape and kill me and it would have been just as effective. Or should I say ineffective. Every rapist in Finland must be shaking in their boots.”

Anti-Shariah activist and author Pamela Geller posted the video on her website earlier this week under the title “It just gets more absurd.”

“Yeah, that’ll work. These women need guns,” Geller wrote. “You just couldn’t make this stuff up anymore, it would be funny if the situation regarding the #rapefugees wasn’t so serious. A picture of a gun instead of all this nonsense would have been less work and more effective!”

Geller has posted dozens of videos in recent months of migrants attacking young women, migrants attacking pregnant mothers, and migrants attacking old men in Europe. The attacks occur in or near train stations and other public places.

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WND has previously reported that gun sales are running at record levels in Austria, in Sweden and in other European nations since the flood of Muslim migrants began sweeping into the E.U. But it’s mostly long guns that are flying off the shelves, as it’s almost impossible for the average citizen to purchase a handgun in most countries of Western Europe.

The fear of attacks on women has only increased since the well-publicized mass rapes that occurred in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve. More than 800 German woman were sexually assaulted by Muslim men on that one night.

Jerry Henry, executive director of GeorgiaCarry.Org, was baffled by the video in Finland.

“I’m pretty sure most rapists would listen to a woman when she says ‘no!'” he said. “At least they finally allowed her to use her purse to fend off the rapist.”

Henry said he expects the “Just say no” to a rapist meme will work about as well as it did in the U.S. war on drugs.

“Who in their right mind would suggest this sort of thing?” he said. “Rape is a vicious, violent crime and saying no is certainly not going to stop a rapist from committing such a crime. The only thing that will stop this sort of crime is superior force from the victim.”

Henry said Finland should encourage all women who want to protect themselves to immediately buy a handgun and allow them to carry it on their person.

“A strategically placed bullet is much more effective than sign language and has the ability to put the rapist out of business,” Henry said. “And if properly utilized, it will ensure that this rapist will not become a serial rapist in the future as well as save the government time and money from having to arrest, jail and try the perp in court. What is the world coming to?”

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