He did it again! Obama and the mosque

By Barbara Simpson

He did it again!

The man who holds the highest elected position in this country.

The man whose personal history is clouded by repeated efforts to hide specific information about his origin, religion, beliefs, training, education and much, much more.

The man who sets himself up as the perfect husband and father and who represents himself as an individual for all to emulate.

The man who speaks of people dealing with a tough economy, yet who spends record levels of taxpayer money on incredibly lavish, multi-million dollar vacations for his family.

The man who has clearly lied to the American people repeatedly about what he has done, and will do, to them and the country through his political views, decisions, rulings, executive actions and more.

The man who lied when he approved deals with a craven, foreign enemy of this country, which puts us in danger of annihilation.

The man who continually insists he’s a good Christian yet who rarely goes to church, who consistently avoids commemoration of Christian holidays, but who bends over backward to pay homage to Islam.

The man who made an official visit and speech to Georgetown University – a Roman Catholic University – yet insisted that every piece of art, crucifix, image and artifact that portrayed Christianity or Jesus be covered so that it wouldn’t be seen in any camera coverage of the man during his appearance and speech.

Yeah, that’s him. Barack Obama. The man who says one thing and does another – and does it with a straight face.

He indeed did it again!

Barack Obama made his first official visit to a mosque in this country.

It wasn’t at your friendly, neighborhood mosque – home to all those innocent, nonviolent Muslims we’re continually hit over the head with as being no different from anyone else.

No, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, chose a mosque that’s been under FBI investigation because of links and ties to terrorism.

He chose the Islamic Society of Baltimore, which is affiliated with ISNA, the Islamic society of North America. Just to clarify, that’s a Muslim so-called civil-rights group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terror case.

It would take three more pages to list the number of people from that organization who were charged and convicted of financially aiding the terrorist group Hamas.

But Obama doesn’t acknowledge Islamic terrorism, so all that doesn’t matter.

Oh, and by the way, there was no effort by Obama or the White House to insist that all religious symbols at the mosque be covered – as they did at Georgetown.

In fact, it’s reported that the word “Allah” was written 99 times on a glass wall behind Obama as he spoke, and White House staffers were given copies of the Quran.

All right, so he did it – but why?

Given the state of affairs in this country, in the Middle East, in fact, in the world, what possible reason could Obama have had to visit a controversial Islamic mosque in this country?

The administration’s official statement said it was to “reaffirm that religious freedom and religious tolerance are essential to our way of life in this country.”

Get real, Obama. That statement could have been spoken from the Oval Office or the Rose Garden.

There was no need to go to a mosque – a controversial one, at that – unless Obama’s political agenda concerning Muslims and Islam were the real reason.

Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that Obama is in the midst of importing thousands of Muslim Syrian so-called refugees into the country and deliberately scattering them in every state, without notifying state officials as to where they’ll go or how to provide for them?

That’s exactly what’s happening, although you’d hardly know it by reading your daily newspaper.

Something else you’ll never know from your daily paper is that Obama is refusing the immigration of Christian refugees from the Middle East – people who are fleeing the mayhem and massacres against them by Muslims.

State Department figures show that barely 3 percent of Syrian refugees allowed into the U.S. are Christian; 96 percent are Muslim.

Bias, anyone?

After the horrors of church burnings, beheadings, rapes and crucifixions – and, of course, the Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino – Obama lectures Americans about the peaceful nature of Islam.

Funny, history books don’t illustrate that “peaceful” aspect of Islam.

But Obama doesn’t let facts distort his point of view.

His speech went on about that, as well as the Obama-fact that Islam has “always been a part of America,” and Muslims helped “build our nation.”

Funny, again! I can’t find that in any of the history books I studied right through graduate school.

He talked about hate crimes, and that he sees violent acts being blamed on the “entire community” of Muslims.

He ignores the ongoing list of Islamic terrorist attacks and plots in this country and across the world.

In his mind, they’re not the work of Muslims because as we’re told, ad nauseum, “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Astonishingly, he also launched into the world of entertainment and said television programs should have Muslim characters in plots that don’t involve national security.


Since when is he Cecil B. De Mille? If he wants to influence TV and movie plots, he should get his rich supporters to finance them.

But the key to success there is at the box-office, not with political correctness. PC doesn’t pay off. His rich friends are rich because they don’t make stupid investments.

Obama may have made some political points with his Muslim buddies but free, thinking Americans know better.

Until Obama supports the U.S., Christians and Jews as fully as he does Muslims and Islam, we know exactly which side he’s on – and his constant telling us he’s a “Christian” becomes as transparent as he is.

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