A hospital in Hollywood was hacked.

A hospital in Hollywood was hacked.

A hospital in Hollywood has been hit by hackers who say they’ll restore electronic service if authorities will pay them $3.6 million.

The hack at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles has halted the facility’s abilities to perform CT scans, and limited medical authorities’ access to patient data.

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Staff instead have to rely on paper records, rather than electronic, and that means care in some cases has been slow and even halted. Fox News reported some patients have been sent to nearby medical outlets for treatment.

The hack occurred a week ago and the responsible parties are demanding $3.6 million as a ransom and a condition of restoring service, CSO reported.

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Hospital officials say they’ve been hacked but so far, patient files haven’t been compromised.

FBI and Los Angeles Police Department authorities have launched an investigation to determine how the system was hacked and who might be responsible.

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