Is your pastor apologizing to LGBT anarchists?

By Linda Harvey

Have you walked out of church recently in great dismay over your pastor’s sermon?

As I hear from Christians coast to coast, it’s sadly apparent that many ministers don’t apply biblical teaching to America’s cultural challenges.

Either raging issues are ducked altogether – even as children are corrupted and marriage is revolutionized – or ministers deliver messages that sound suspiciously like those crafted by homosexual and pro-abortion activists themselves.

But ministers have a responsibility to overcome the deception people hear outside the church doors, to equip the hearts and minds of congregants. It can be done with careful preparation and the right heart.

The right heart hates evil and the harm it does. We are in a fierce battle with determined foes of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without that understanding, many pastors adopt a complacent attitude of, “It’s no big deal.”

Do they hear as I do from heartbroken parents whose precious children were sexualized by the lie they were “born homosexual” or “born in the wrong sex body”? If so, they’ll see the urgent need to proclaim the truth, now.

But too many pastors seem captivated by the spell of relentless propaganda, and it shows up in sermon after sermon.

Here are some of the most common themes:

  1. The apology talk. Must we treat homosexuals with kid gloves, believing those involved in this behavior are victims of perennial abuse? Do all Christians need to apologize to all homosexuals?

    Even evangelical pastors accept the distortions of the media, that Christian have been mean-spirited and we really need to be nicer.

    But where offense to homosexuals may have occurred, it’s between the individuals involved; corporate apologies are unnecessary because broad claims of victimhood are exaggerated to put Christians on defense.

    And you would think more pastors by now would have discerned this manipulation.

    The reality is, many people are mistreated over many issues. That’s human nature, and it’s why repentance and forgiveness are such blessings.

    But this is a well-funded, sin-promoting movement based on propaganda not initiated by Christians. Now that it’s flourishing, would the Lord want us to let these deceivers prevail among the most vulnerable – the young?

    Heavens, no! Let’s get off the sin apology tour. It’s unscriptural and gives credibility to determined sexual anarchists.

  2. The obsession claim. If you spend any time at all on the “gay” issue, you have a distorted view of what’s important, because (we are told) it’s no worse than other sins.

    This was the theme of one pastor’s recent sermon. All this fuss and bother about stopping certain bills and unconstitutional court cases is time better spent on something else, like presumably raising money for the church building campaign.

    But wait a doggone minute. We conservatives did not start this battle. Are there well-organized, lavishly funded groups representing other sins– like adultery or dishonesty– screaming that they were born that way, demanding our 1964 Civil Rights Code be altered to add these behaviors as protected classes? No, this kind of bullying is unique to homosexuality.

    When people promote sin and deceive the vulnerable – like children, who deserve our protection – Christians cannot remain silent, no matter how our message gets distorted.

  3. The “Christ includes everyone” heresy. This narrative tries to sweep two ideas into one and distorts them both. Christ was the Savior for everyone who believes (yes), but did Christ accept all behavior? No. Either you believe Christ died for our sins, or you don’t. And further, Christ is the One who identifies what sin is. Either you believe homosexuality is a sin, or you don’t.

    “Everyone” implies these sinners can’t help their behavior, and that biblical teaching doesn’t clearly address this. Yes, homosexuals can help it, and they can and should repent.

    The Lord opens His arms to all, but never says “yes” to the celebration of sin. No one is born homosexual or in need of a sex change. We cannot treat these depravities like neutral traits or disabilities requiring sympathy.

  4. The civil rights ploy. Marriage “equality” has been a pointless fight. It was achieved at creation, because males marry females and vice versa. Have you ever heard your pastor teach the congregation this one simple talking point, grounded in Scripture? Stating this doctrinally essential fact overcomes the main “gay” claim: that homosexuality is an inborn, harmless identity.

    Even pastors have fallen prey to the plaintive demands of “LGBT” behaviorists that they need rights “just like everyone else.” Yes – and they already have those. “I can be fired just for being gay!” Well, then you won’t be fired, because no one “is” gay, only a willing participant in unnecessary behavior. If it jeopardizes your job, maybe it’s time to rethink this conduct.

    A well-grounded minister will keep educating his flock because he has educated himself – that Scripture reveals plainly this is sinful, changeable behavior. So there’s no “gay identity.” No “transgendered” person. It is not like race, a platform that insults those who fought long and hard for racial equality. Homosexual desire can be strong, but it’s essentially an attraction implanted by willful sin, like a hundred other human temptations. “Special sin” status is unwarranted.

  5. “LGBT” demands are a minimal threat. Pastors downplay the importance of, for instance, the revolution declaring marriage to be two women or two men. This dismissal conveniently avoids controversy and the attacks that go with taking a stand.

    But it bypasses a real need for people in the pews: how to deal with this wickedness as it arises on the job, at school, in public places, in legislation– or around the kitchen table.

    People are aching for pastors to back them up on biblical teaching.

    Should boys use girls’ restrooms? Has your pastor delivered a sermon about this?

If religious freedom vanishes, preaching the gospel becomes greatly inhibited. Think this can’t happen in America? History teaches a different lesson.

Tyranny by proud evildoers can sweep over the unwary: those too comfortable and too complacent.

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