Illegal immigrants may soon have the right to vote in New York City.

Illegal immigrants may soon have the right to vote in New York City.

New York City black and Hispanic activists are rallying around a proposal from an immigration rights’ group, the Black Institute, that would give illegals the right to vote for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and city council members as early as the 2017 election.

The plan was just discussed at the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus gathering in Albany, and is gathering steam, the New York Post reported.

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“We want to expand the right to vote for everybody, not suppress the vote,” said Bertha Lewis, who heads up the Black Institute, in the newspaper. “What a radical idea.”

The proposal is expected to be introduced for city vetting in the coming weeks.

This isn’t the first time an idea aimed at letting illegals vote has made waves in the city. Years ago, a councilman representing the Queens region, Dan Dromm, brought forward a bill to allow “lawful residents,” or those who held green cards but couldn’t vote, the right to cast ballots, the New York Post reported. That measure never made it to a vote.

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But Lewis is pushing hard for her proposal, and is characterizing it mainly as an extension of the Municipal ID card given all residents, courtesy of Mayor Bill de Blasio, even illegals, that allows them the ability to conduct certain business in city limits.

“People want to come out of the shadows,” she said, the New York Post reported.

Not all are on board.

Conservative Party chairman Mike Long said it appeared the idea was aimed at reeling in more Democratic Party support.

“This is outrageous,” he said, in the newspaper. “American citizens have the right to determine the destiny of towns, villages, cities, states and the country.”

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