President Obama

President Obama

The Supreme Court may have taken the very unusual step of issuing a stay to the White House administration’s Clean Power Plant rule that strictly limits emissions from power companies – but to President Obama, the move was no big deal.

“In the last couple days, I’ve heard people say, ‘The Supreme Court struck down the Clean Power Plant rule,'” he said, during remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in California, the Hill reported. “That’s not true, so don’t despair, people.”

He then went on to characterize the Supreme Court’s actions as little more than a normal glitch.

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“This is a legal decision that says, ‘Hold on until we review the legality,'” he said, of the court’s ruling. “We are very firm in terms of the legal footing here.”

And yet, the Supreme Court’s issuance of a stay on the regulation, which would have been implemented via the Environmental Protection Agency and which came after a lower court denied doing the same, was unprecedented, the Hill reported.

Obama admitted the Supreme Court’s decision was “unusual,” but at the same time insisted the climate change plan, which scales carbon emissions from electrical plants by 32 percent by 2030, would jump any final legal hurdles to enactment. He also doubled down on his praise for the rule, the heart of his long-running plans to bring to fruition emission controls that even Congress, when controlled by Democrats, failed to approve.

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“This is going to be an enormous generational challenge,” Obama said, the Hill reported. “There are going to be people constantly pushing back and making sure we keep clinging to old dirty fuels and a carbon-emitting economic strategy that we need to be moving away from. We need to be investing in the future, not the past. Instead of subsidizing … the oil industry, we should be investing in solar and wind and battery technology.”

As reported by WND, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 the fossil-fuel regulations under the administration’s Clean Power ACT cannot go forward until at least after Obama leaves office. A federal court will take up the matter again on June 2.

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