Pope Francis addresses Congress.

Pope Francis addresses Congress.

Pope Francis, who has spent the past several months pressing nations, including America, to embrace those fleeing the unrest in the Middle East, Africa and Asia with open arms – and open borders – is now taking that stance to a new political level and planning a solidarity stand with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

Market Watch reported Francis is due to arrive in Mexico on Friday for a six-day visit. And as part of that visit, he is planning to stand on the U.S. border, in Ciudad Juarez, and deliver a mass.

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The town is located just 90 yards from U.S. land.

About 200,000 are expected to turn out for the mass on the Mexico side, and another 50,000 from Rio Grande in Texas, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“This is one community, despite the fence,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, during a press conference reported by Market Watch. “I think it will be moving to see this single community even though it is located on two sides of the border.”

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Immigration has been a top issue during this presidential campaign season, with both Donald Trump and Sen. Ted vowing to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump in particular has sounded the alarm on illegals in the United States, promising to deport the 11 million who are breaking the law with their presence. And he’s also come down hard on the refugee situation, calling for a blanket halt to immigration of all individuals coming from Muslim dominated nations in order to allow U.S. authorities time to catch up with intelligence on who’s crossing the U.S. border.

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