Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

A recent survey from YouGov found youthful voters in greater numbers are coming around to the idea of socialism, and in fact, more in the age range of 18-29 actually regarded the socialist way of politicking as superior to the system of capitalism.

The questionnaire asked simply: “Do you have a favorable or an unfavorable opinion of socialism?”

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And the response, as reported by the Blaze, was enlightening in terms of explaining why Sen. Bernie Sanders, self-declared socialist, was resonating so well with the younger voters.

Fully 43 percent of those in the age range of 18-to-29 said they viewed socialism in a favorable light; only 26 percent in that same age category saw it unfavorably.

The older the respondents got, the less favorably they viewed socialism.

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In the 30-to-44 age range, 27 percent viewed socialism favorably, compared to 50 percent, unfavorably; in the 45-to-64 age group, 27 percent favorably, 54 perrcent, unfavorably; and in the over 65 age grouping, 23 percent saw it in favorable terms versus 60 percent, unfavorable.

Sanders, whose political platforms include taxpayer funded college for all, denouncement of Wall Street and higher taxes on the wealthy, has been gaining massive steam on the Democratic presidential campaign trail, especially among younger voters who are enchanted by his energetic vows for change.

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