Vaccinations of kids has become a hot topic in Colorado.

Vaccinations of kids has become a hot topic in Colorado.

A bill weaving through the legislature in Colorado that would require children who aren’t vaccinated to have their names submitted to the state Department of Health for record-keeping purposes has parents up in arms.

Dozens attended a recent committee hearing at the Capitol on the matter, voicing objections at the impact it would have on parental control and privacy rights.

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“I have the freedom to report what I’m going to do with my children or not,” said one parent, Christine Carter, according to CBS Denver. “I don’t think it’s the government’s business.”

Other parents opposed to the proposal said the measure, which has passed through one House committee and moved on to the next step of the legislative process, would take away their privacy protections.

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“House Bill 1164 is designed to circumvent the law protecting privacy and bully people into every vaccine on the market,” said Pam Long, who brought her son, Josh, who has a brain injury from what she said was a vaccine-related complication, to the hearing to tell lawmakers not to pass the measure.

But supporters, like Rep. Dan Pabon, a Democrat whose area of representation includes Denver, said the bill is not meant to pressure parents to vaccinate.

“What this bill is not about is requiring more students to get vaccinations,” he said, CBS Denver reported. “It’s about who will keep charge of the records.”

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