I applaud Donald Trump for refusing to participate in the presidential debate hosted by the network equivalent of “Children of the Corn” and moderated by someone more akin to one of “Rosemary’s Babies” than a professional journalist.

The damnable duplicity of the political spinmeisters who immediately launched into pathetically puerile attacks and taunts that Trump was afraid of tough questioning from Megyn Kelly were laughable on their face and are easily dismissed.

FoxNews and Megyn Kelly have set themselves up as kingmaker. They are proud to have it whispered that they helped bring down Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. In the first Republican GOP presidential debate, held August 2015, Kelly boasted ahead of the debate that she was going to make history because one of the presidential candidates would have their ambitions crushed as a result of the debate (read: Donald Trump).

I noted pursuant to the aforementioned debate that WND’s Garth Kant quoted Rush Limbaugh saying “that big-time Republican donors had ordered [Kelly and company] to take out Donald Trump. … We all made a mistake, we assumed that the orders went out to the candidates, but they went out to the broadcast networks.” (See: “Fox News: Unfair and unbalanced.”)

Donald Trump did exactly what Ronald Reagan had done days before the 1980 Iowa caucuses. Ronald Reagan withdrew from the scheduled debate. In fact four of the nine Republicans did not participate.

In the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush skipped the first two presidential debates. Bush skipped the first debate in order to attend a dinner honoring his wife. And Bush, just as Reagan had, went on to win the presidency even if it wasn’t with the landslide victory Reagan had enjoyed.

But the note of difference with Trump not participating, I argue, is the leadership quality he showed. He refused to genuflect to Fox News, and that speaks volumes. He opted instead to put action to his words of support for veterans and our military.

This is where I believe Ted Cruz dropped the ball. I should here state that I like Ted Cruz and that I plan to support whoever wins the presidential nomination as long as his last name is Cruz or Trump.

Cruz had an opportunity to tell Fox News that they do not have the right or auspices to shape election outcomes, despite the directive of establishment power-brokers. Cruz had the opportunity to cast himself as truly his own man by saying he is on the side of what is just.

It is my opinion that Cruz and Carly Fiorina came across as using our veterans for political advantage juxtaposed to truly caring about them. And it is all about perception.

By offering to give seven figure donations to veterans, only if Trump agreed to debate them, it sent an uncomfortable message for me. That is politics as usual, i.e., quid pro quo and tit-for-tat.

Reince Priebus pulled out of the NBC debate because he rightly accused the moderators of being biased and maliciously unprofessional. That definition fits Megyn Kelly like the thick layers of make-up she wears.

We want candidates who are willing to stand up not just to foreign leaders but to the American press, and I submit that Donald Trump has done that in spades.

Conservatives have become increasingly dissatisfied with Fox News, complaining that the network has moved away from what it once was. These same people should applaud Trump for showing a steely resolve to blow off faux news outlets.

Bill O’Reilly looked into Obama’s “inner man” and proclaimed “Obama’s heart is in the right place” and that “he’s not trying to actually hurt people like the hard right believes.” This despite the fact that just days before the 2008 general election, Obama had boasted and assured his minions that he would deconstruct and “fundamentally transform” America. This was Fox News once again telling us they are smarter than you and I.

Fox News now boasts of the debate having the second-highest viewership in debate history. How good for them to cash in on the cowardice of the other candidates. But thanks to Donald Trump, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, under Trump’s leadership, wounded veterans now have 6-plus million dollars that will be used exclusively to provide for their care.

The money Fox News extorted from advertisers will go to financially support liberal candidates just as it did when Fox financially supported Al Gore over George W. Bush, John Kerry over George W. Bush, Obama over John McCain, Obama over Mitt Romney – like they will if Rupert Murdoch is successful in luring uber-liberal Mike Bloomberg into the current presidential race.

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