Trump’s deal with Cruz

By Gina Loudon

Phyllis Schlafly has been watching the GOP establishment pick our presidential candidates since before she wrote about it in her book, “A Choice not an Echo,” in 1964. She will tell you, the only president elected in her lifetime without the blessing of the establishment was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan’s ability to communicate with and inspire the American people was the only force more powerful than the money and apparatus of the establishment machine.

Jeb Bush was obviously the pick of the establishment. The money was there, and Bush was definitely spending it, but the GOP primary voter has not been swayed by the hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown at them.

After South Carolina, this is a very different race.

Bush is out, and Rubio is the clear heir of the establishment crown that Jeb relinquished when he suspended his campaign.

The D.C. cartel will do anything to preserve the status quo. The thought of a true outsider winning the Republican nomination is bone chilling to the establishment. Its political life depends on taxpayer money flowing through D.C. and into its pockets and the pockets of its cronies. At this point, the establishment’s only hope is Marco Rubio.

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This presidential primary has now become the classic three-man race: The two front-runners shred each other, and the third man slides right past them for the win.

Now that Jeb is out, Rubio will inherit some of his support. More importantly, he gets the full support of the establishment apparatus.

Jeb’s departure from the campaign is a major victory for grassroots conservatives but could be devastating in the long run.

The outsiders needed a divided establishment to continue winning primaries, but now that the establishment has its candidate in Rubio, it will unite against the divided outsiders.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and their supporters will soon need to make a choice: One or the other. You can’t have both.

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In one of the upcoming primaries, Marco Rubio will get a win under his belt, and that may serve to wake up outsiders and force them to unite.

Ted Cruz had better read “The Art of the Deal” now, because at some point in the near future, Donald Trump will offer Cruz a deal.

Unless Cruz pulls into first place soon, he would be wise to take Trump’s deal. Whether it is an offer to be Trump’s running mate, or some other promise, Cruz will either need to step down, or he will hand the election to Marco Rubio.

If Trump and Cruz are both in this race until the end, this will just be another presidential race for Phyllis Schlafly to write about how the establishment installed its candidate and the grassroots got the shaft.

At this point, Cruz may not have any hope of winning the presidency, but he holds all the cards in his decision to hand the election to the establishment. An outsider victory lies solely in the hands of Ted Cruz. One way or another, his commitment to ousting the establishment will become obvious.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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