Donald Trump flies aboard his Boeing B757 (Photo: Twitter, Donald Trump)

Donald Trump flies aboard his Boeing B757 (Photo: Twitter, Donald Trump)

Donald Trump’s plane, nicknamed Trump Force One, was forced to make an emergency landing at the Nashville International Airport on Wednesday.

The Republican presidential candidate’s Boeing B757 was flying from Iowa to Arkansas when the aircraft experienced engine problems.

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The plane landed safely, the FAA said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon. Trump was headed to meet Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson at the time of the incident.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump’s campaign, said the delay was caused by a “minor mechanical issue” and that Trump continued on to his destination on a small charter aircraft. Trump was traveling from New York City to Little Rock, Ark.

“Just making a quick pit stop. Welcome to BNA, @realDonaldTrump!” Nashville International Airport tweeted the Republican presidential hopeful after the crew landed safely.

The billionaire eventually made it to Little Rock for a campaign event that began at 7:45 p.m. EST.

Trump, who came in second place to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the Iowa caucuses Monday night, has been known to let children run through his plane during campaign stops. The billionaire joked Jan. 30 that adults were not allowed on board because “the parents will damage it,” the New York Times reported.

The plane, which is divided into multiple common areas and a dining room, has 43 seats and comes with a 57-inch TV. Most Boeing 757s seat 180 to 200 people.

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A bedroom with a queen-sized bed, gold silk on the walls, and pillows with the Trump family crest is included, Yahoo News reported Monday. There is also a 24-karat gold-plated sink in the master bathroom.

(Photo: YouTube, Donald Trump)

(Photo: YouTube, Donald Trump)

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