OK, America, I get it. Donald Trump appeals to the frustration and anger we all feel toward our government. He taps into and eschews the very arrogance we see in the halls of power, that smugness Washington gives off in its paternalistic way.

But let’s think through the Donald’s decision to sit out the recent GOP debate on Fox News. The “King of the Deal” couldn’t work out a mutually agreeable scenario with a news organization? This eternal optimist, this conqueror and, we learned late last week, this “very humble” winner can’t find a way to “win” for his supporters and those undecided Republicans who may support him?

I don’t get it. To me, it says a lot of things. For one, it appears Trump is willing to take his ball and go home whenever he feels like it. But that raises the question: Will a President Trump do the same? If so, then those will be scary times we are living in. As a private citizen – with oodles of wealth to back you up – it’s perfectly fine to steal away in isolation or call your own shots. This is America, after all.

But if you are the leader of the free world, and a Third World tyrant with an equally-if-not-larger ego than our own President Trump decides he wants to fire off a rhetorical rant just before a crucial summit that could impact the health and well-being of a U.S. ally, then no, I’m sorry, President Trump can’t just “sit this one out.”

But we don’t even have to fast-forward that far. With that attitude, how will a Donald Trump stack up against the Queen of Demagoguery, Hillary Clinton, in a debate? So she fires some sassy, questionable comment about Trump’s past or his record, and he does, what? Walks off the stage? Calls her a bimbo? 

That’s what is missing in his candidacy.

Yes, there is an irreverence the silent majority has fallen in love with, that “to hell with the political niceties” attitude that has enamored Republican faithful from all walks. But there is another side Americans writ large do want – professionalism. They want to know their president is a class act, a person of character who can represent the interests of this nation no matter what comes at him or her. In other words, there is a statesmanship that I fear this man, Donald Trump, is missing. It may be novel now that he doesn’t exhibit it. But in due time, if he doesn’t rise to the occasion of temperament, we as a proud nation of rich history and heritage will grow tired of his antics.

I only pray that Team Trump corrects this flaw ASAP or we the people realize this before November.

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