2 completely different species in America?

By Ted Nugent

For the life of me, I have never been more confused in my 67 years of clean and sober logic-driven American Dream. I mention 67 years clean and sober to emphasize why I don’t need to nor cannot use the mind-rotting substance abuse excuse that obviously plagues so many of my fellow Americans as they fumble about like gaffed tuna on a sunlit beach.

As I’m sure your Google and YouTube adventures have confirmed, anyone who dares debate me ends up dogpaddling in a pool of blood-soaked snot and hair, gagging on their own ignorance, presumptuousness and abject disillusionment. I am not necessarily bragging here, though it always dangerously pumps my ego and confidence factors proportionately. Being right all the time provides a damn good high.

So I pray daily to God almighty that there will be a GOP knight in shining armor to lead we the people in up-righting the dramatically listing Goodship America back on course to the Promised Land where real Americans love their country and will continue to sacrifice to make her strong and great again.

I watch what appears to be some of my fellow Americans babble incoherently with mindless support for the communist and devil woman, and I try like hell to figure out how any educated, thinking, caring, honest, loving human being could possibly want to be represented by these two freaks of nature.

Listening to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders it is painfully obvious that they would both have sided with King George back in 1776. The crazed policies they support align perfectly with historical tyrants and dictators.

With her inexhaustible track record of lies, deceit, criminal misconduct and runaway hypocrisy on every level and on every issue, I am helpless to understand what sort of subspecies finds favor with such a person.

Her constantly lying doesn’t matter? Her toxic reputation covering up her husband’s vicious mistreatment of women is OK with these people?

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Her blatant pandering to blacks, promising to continue the policies that have ruined so many lives, is a good thing to whom?

That the FBI is carrying on a criminal investigation based on universally known evidence of misconduct, malfeasance, perjury, power abuse and political corruption reflects the credentials of their hopeful POTUS?

With testimony from the families of the Benghazi crime that this woman lied to them at the return of the heroes’ bodies to America is desirable presidential conduct to what sort of fool?

None of this matters to what sort of persons?

I know a lot of people, but I don’t know any people this uncaring, shallow, dishonest or dangerously gullible.

And then there is ol’ Bernie, the grownup commie hippie that never provided jack squat for his country, dedicated to always take, never produce, making America weaker in his every move while strengthening our enemies with his lame, goofball Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, life-destroying, America-hating drivel.

Sure, ol’ Bern would make a great POTUS, and I would be the best seamstress in the world for Caitlyn Jenner.

How in God’s name can Bernie’s brainwashed, dopey sheep actually believe that his guarantee of free stuff is really free? They have bought into The Big Lie that they deserve a life paid for and provided by others. And it’s fair!

The Big Lie of social justice is for soulless sheep too pathetic and too lazy to earn their own way or do the right thing or be accountable. They are bad for America and bad for mankind. Making the choice to be a liability instead of an asset is a mean-spirited curse that is good for nobody, yet the Bernie and Hillary freaks like it and actually believe in it.

China and all our enemies are watching, and they love Americans who intentionally weaken and hurt America.

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