Battling the high priests of America’s state religion

By Around the Web

(Christian Post) — Five hundred years ago this coming October Martin Luther challenged EC (Ecclesiastical Correctness) but now all varieties of the church and society in general are having to confront the glacial authoritarianism of PC (Political Correctness).

In 1517 Augustinian monk Martin Luther chafed under the authoritarian system he felt was robbing the Church of biblical authority and replacing it with human tyranny in the form of the Pope and his Curiatocracy. Further, Tetzel and his fundraising scheme offering a costly but quickie exit from Purgatory through a slick product called Indulgences was robbing people of the loveliness of biblical grace, Luther thought.

Luther’s aim was to provoke a conversation, not launch a reformation. Yet when he nailed the Ninety-Five Theses that would be the topics of that conversation to the door of the Cathedral Church in Wittenberg, Germany, he got much more than a warm theological chat with the Pope and his emissaries.

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