A giant mass of beetles have arrived on Argentinian shores near Buenos Aires

A black horde of beetles has arrived on Argentinian shores near Buenos Aires

A giant black mass of beetles invading Argentinian beaches has local citizens worried about the apocalypse.

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Frogs, lice, flies, locusts and other calamities once plagued Egypt, and now resorts near Buenos Aires are dealing with their own infestation of biblical proportions.

Social-media sites have erupted with warnings of “impending doom,” the U.K. Mirror reported Wednesday. One man said those experiencing the swarm realize “the end of times is near … they can sense it.”

The newspaper said a user identified as khnagar had a much simpler explanation for the beetles’ arrival: science.

“It looks like Black Maize Beetle (Heteronychus Arator), which are known for having mass flights in the summer/autumn where they mate and all that,” the observer noted. “Or it’s some similar type of beetle. They only live for a few days at that stage after crawling out of the ground. So a lot of beetles flew, got swept out to sea by the winds, and then came back to the beach, most of them dead or dying. Most likely scenario I can come up with.”

Whether the beetles are a sign that God will soon smite Argentina, or just a scientific marvel, citizens are making money on the insects.

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Entrepreneurial Argentinians are allegedly selling the beetles for $30 per pound. They claim that secretions from the insect boost the human immune system and aide it in combating everything from asthma to AIDS, the Mirror reported.

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