Michael Savage is the most entertaining radio talk show host alive today. He is also very informative, even when he is presenting views that might be considered extreme. Savage is a man who believes what he is saying, and it’s important that he says those things, because it’s certain we won’t hear it from even other conservative leaders, including, in the religious community, from pulpits. From the latter, there are too many timid men.

Government Zero

Michael Savage is not timid.

In his new book, “Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture,” Savage connects the dots in alerting the public to the dangers that lurk within our power centers. Once again, he does a terrific job.

Basically, Savage tells us that we are facing our most dangerous climate as a nation … and he has some thoughts on how to navigate all that.

Interestingly, “Government Zero” comes along at a perfect time, as the sane members of our country search for the candidate who will keep us safe – something the current occupant of the Oval Office has decidedly not done.

As Savage writes: “This is a barbaric revolution [Islamofascists], and we have a man in the White House who denies its existence. But whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not, it’s going to continue until someone puts a stop to it.”

No doubt. Could it be Trump? Cruz? Rubio?

Savage defines Government Zero as “absolute, unchecked government power and zero representation of the people.”

Boldly (I believe he is spot-on), Savage claims that progressives in this country (see Clinton, Hillary) want to create an atheist, socialist empire, and that they are colluding with radical Islamists.

Think about it: why do these two groups, at least in America, seem to support each other? CAIR pals around with political progressives and vice versa, in order to divide the rest of the county. Even among evangelical leadership – incredibly – you see religious figures coming together to support radical, progressive policies.

In any event, Savage correctly notes that a plethora of sources are bringing the country down.

One of the pillars of a free society is a strong military. Savage documents in painful detail the “bullet-less” purge being carried out by Obama, in order to actively weaken the United States.

Take the example of Lt. Comm. Wes Modder, a highly decorated Marine who was written up for discriminating against those of other religions! But in point of fact, Modder never did any such thing; instead, he answered honestly questions about his own Christian faith. By standing firm on Scripture, a hero like Modder is now considered to be an enemy.

Obama and his band of progressives do this kind of stuff 24/7, and I must say, I’ve not read a book that chronicles all this so seamlessly and carefully. It’s part of what makes “Government Zero” such an indispensable guide for weathering the storm we are now in.

In a breathtaking conglomeration of political and religious forces bent on changing America, Savage notes the collusion between government entities pushing “climate change” and … Pope Francis. In fact, the papal authority in the Vatican shares a hardcore commitment to leftist agendas with political leaders. Tragically, Francis also whitewashes Islam every chance he gets.

Savage also presents what I’d call compelling calculations about the motives of our political leaders. He likens the Gestapo in Nazi Germany to modern operatives who use secret files to blackmail potential opponents. This is where Savage performs a really valuable public service, because while most of us scratch our heads and try to make sense of the illogical, Savage does it for us.

He reminds us of the FBI files requested by the Clinton administration in the ’90s and reasons that much of the silence on the part of current Republican leadership can be attributed to embarrassing revelations that would come out if those aforementioned files were public.

Frankly, such analysis makes sense, far more sense than the official answers given as to why congressional leadership today cowers in the face of Democrat Party goals.

To finish the book, Savage makes an extraordinary claim (and I think his view at least partly explains the rise of Donald Trump): conservatism is meaningless today. Instead, we need to turn to nationalism. Basically … well, you will have to read the book to find out this tantalizing bit of wisdom Savage outlines with clarity.

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