Blaming Trump for America’s anger

By Morgan Brittany

Ever since Donald Trump became the front-runner for the Republican nomination, the media, the establishment and his opponents have been hammering him on just about everything he does. Every word he says is scrutinized, every expression he makes is analyzed, and it seems like those that want to take him down are anxiously waiting every day, still hoping that he or his supporters will say or do something that will finally put an end to his run for the White House.

When he had to cancel a rally in Chicago last week due to an orchestrated effort by and the Black Lives Matter groups, the media couldn’t wait to jump to the conclusion that Trump had brought all of this on himself due to his “inflammatory speech” and unvarnished messages about illegal immigration and screening Muslims. They blamed him for the actions of the protesters who infiltrated his rallies to try and shut down his First Amendment rights.

Instead of Republicans condemning the actions of the disrupters, many of them took the opportunity to point out that Trump was at fault and basically that he should not be allowed to express his opinions to the thousands who had come to see him. In their minds, he should have tempered his words, been less caustic in his rhetoric or, in other words, censored himself.

That is exactly what Trump should not do! He has found himself the front-runner in this race for a reason, and that reason is that millions of disgruntled Americans have found their voice in Donald Trump. They go by the thousands to hear him speak and say the things they themselves want to say but can’t because they don’t have the bully pulpit. They are letting him take the slings and arrows that come at them if they dare say anything that is politically incorrect or deemed to be “racist.” To them, Trump is their Gen. Patton who is leading his troops into battle, the battle to “make America great again,” and they don’t want him to change a thing.

The more these radical left-wing groups try to shut Trump up the more power he will get. All of the news has been “all Trump, all the time” ever since the disruptions began, and now every rally or speech he gives is being covered by every outlet in the hopes that something will erupt. It has become a feeding frenzy within the media, but little do they know that they are just making him all the more powerful and solidifying his voting base even more. When protesters shout him down and try to silence his right to free speech, don’t they realize that by doing that they are adding fuel to the Trump fire? Don’t they see that half of this country doesn’t want to be bullied anymore and that his supporters will rally around him even if they don’t agree with everything he stands for? They have nothing to lose anymore, because they can see that if someone who can turn America’s ship around doesn’t win this election, it really will be over.

If the left really wanted to damage Trump, they would ignore him and make him seem irrelevant, but they can’t because they are scared to death that he is going to be the nominee – and then all bets are off. They know that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, is weak and that he will quickly take her down by exposing who and what she really is in clear and concise language. She won’t be able to hide behind a fawning media who cherry-pick questions for her. Trump will call her out on her Benghazi and email lies; she can bob and weave all she wants, but she is no match for someone who doesn’t censor his words. Just remember, Hillary is and always has lived in the political world. She fights differently than someone like Trump who can blindside her and draw first blood. It’s hard to be quick on your feet when defending a lie, and with Trump she won’t have time to parse words.

It is not Trump who is to blame for the burgeoning anger in this country. He hasn’t been the one in control for the last seven years. He just happens to be the voice finally speaking out. The anger comes from a combination of Barack Obama’s actions and the Republican Party’s disrespect of the American people. Obama has turned “hope and change” into “hate and anger” with his divisive actions. From Ferguson to Baltimore to illegal immigration, the IRS targeting and on and on, Obama has done more to deserve the wrath of the American people than Trump ever has, but he is not the one taking the hit.

This election is like nothing I have ever seen before. I have seen mudslinging and sharp jabs thrown between candidates but nothing as raw as what we are seeing this time. There is no doubt that things would be quite different if Donald Trump were not in this race, and my guess is that the Democrats would have had 2016 sewn up in a nice little package. Trump has forced the last few Republican candidates to get down and dirty whether they or their supporters like it or not, and it looks like they have to play the game with the new rules or get out.

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