Brand-new video pushes assassination of Trump

By Douglas Ernst

A group of juvenile's uploaded the "F--k Trump Anthem" to YouTube, which calls for the billionaire's assassination
A group of juveniles uploaded the “F–k Donald Trump” rap to YouTube, which calls for the billionaire’s assassination

A new YouTube video titled “F–k Donald Trump” joins a growing list of death threats and calls for violence against the Republican presidential front-runner.

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Social commentator Mike Dice has followed an online culture for months that glorifies violent rhetoric toward the presidential hopeful. On Monday, he found a rap by juveniles claiming to have a “chopper,” or AK-47, in a trunk ready to kill Trump. One of the teens carried a shovel, presumably to dispose of the man’s body.

The rap, written by teens identifying as DooleyFunny, Tlow and Lor Roger, repeatedly uses the refrain, “We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump.”

Dice tells viewers on his YouTube channel that it requires a bit of work to “decode the ghetto-speak,” so he uses Urban Dictionary to translate the slang.

“They have a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump means they have an AK-47. … They are mindlessly mimicking rappers like Rick Ross, who has a song with a lyric in there about assassinating Donald Trump,” Dice said on his YouTube channel.

The song also highlights the desire to fill Trump’s body with 100 hollow-point rounds.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)
GOP front-runner Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

“The liberal media and the selective enforcement of the terms of service on social media and on YouTube is overwhelmingly allowing these kind of threats to go forward,” Dice added. “If somebody were to threaten your life or threaten to maybe rape and murder your wife or your girlfriend – if the threat just had a few rhymes in it – does that mean it’s just entertainment?”

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Some of the threats issued against Trump since December 2015 include:

  • December 2015: Calls for Trump’s assassination began on social media sites.
  • December 2015: Walmart stopped selling artist Rick Ross’ “Black Market” album after it was revealed the musician’s lyrics called for Trump’s execution.
  • March 3: An Egyptian flight-school student, Emadeldin Elsayed, captures national headlines after making online threats about killing Trump. He is jailed in Orange, California, and his visa is revoked.
  • March 3: Grammy-winning artist Chris Brown encourages mobs of black people “50 deep” to provoke Trump supporters at the candidate’s rallies. The Instagram post has since been deleted.
  • March 4: The hacking group Anonymous reiterates on YouTube that it will wage a digital war against Trump.
  • March 11: Thousands of protesters in Chicago, Illinois, spark security fears and a Trump rally is canceled.
  • March 12: Trump needs to be shielded by FBI agents in Dayton, Ohio, after protester Thomas Dimassimo rushes the stage. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing a panic.
  • March 28: A tombstone with Trump’s name on it was found in New York City’s Central Park.

Trump first received Secret Service protection Nov. 11, 2015. He joked at the time that his code-name might be “Humble,” although he officially ended up with “Mogul.”

A tombstone bearing Donald Trump's name surfaced in Central Park.
A tombstone bearing Donald Trump’s name surfaced in Central Park.


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