College kids demand abortion clinics on campus

By Douglas Ernst

University of California, Berkeley, student senator Aanchal Chugh
University of California, Berkeley, student senator Aanchal Chugh

Students at the University of California, Berkeley, are demanding an abortion clinic on campus despite having multiple facilities less than 10 miles away.

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Student senator Aanchal Chugh’s proposal for an on-campus abortion clinic was unanimously passed by the student government earlier this month, but she now is dealing with skeptical administrators.

“There are plenty of medical professionals in the area who can provide that type of service,” the school told KIPX-5 on Wednesday.

Nearby options for students seeking abortions include two Planned Parenthood facilities, which are 3.7 miles and 6.6 miles away respectively.

“We feel that student health is something that the administration has not been focused on,” Chugh told the CBS affiliate. “And it’s important for students to do well academically.”

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The station was able to find one student who pointed out that Chugh’s proposal creates incentives for irresponsible behavior.

“Making it accessible to people kind of screams, ‘Hey, you can go do whatever you want, and just come here and we’ll have it covered,'” Baily Mason said.

Chugh shot back at critics via Facebook on March 23.

“Those who are condemning my bill because it is ‘immoral’ – having the right to live a healthy life is NOT immoral and every student should have access to safe and accessible abortions especially because being a student at Cal is already so demanding. […] This is a womxn’s [sic] issue, a students’ issue, and a humxn [sic] issue. If you do not support abortions, don’t get one.”

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Chugh, who bills herself on Twitter as an activist “advancing the LGBTQ agenda,” did not address the rights of an unborn child.



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