Conservative Republicans plot 3rd-party challenge to Trump

By WND Staff

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)
Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

WASHINGTON – A group called “Conservatives of Faith” is inviting Republicans who oppose the nomination of Donald Trump to an all-day meeting in the capital Thursday to plot a strategy to deny him the party’s nomination and, if that fails, find a candidate to run a third-party challenge on Election Day, WND has learned.

The hosts of the session to be held at the Army-Navy Club are listed on the invitation as Robert K. Fischer, the president of a furniture store in Rapid City, South Dakota; Erick Erickson, a blogger and radio talk-show host in Atlanta who founded; and Bill Wichterman, senior legislative adviser for the lobbying firm Covington and Burling in Washington, a former special assistant to the White House under George Bush and a former policy adviser to Sen. Bill Frist.

The website for Conservatives of Faith is under construction.

“If you can never support Donald Trump, then please join us,” reads the invitation. “Please join other conservative leaders to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

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Fischer was one of the conveners of a private gathering of conservative Republicans in Texas toward the end of the 2012 primary season who voted to rally around former Sen. Rick Santorum as a conservative consensus alternative to leading candidate Mitt Romney, who went on to win the GOP nomination.

Erickson was one of the contributors to the National Review’s collection of essayists opposing Trump and recently wrote a blog post titled, “I Will Not Vote For Donald Trump. Ever.”

Wichterman’s career has been marked by various jobs inside government with returns to the lobbying firm.

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