End-times blueprint: ‘Global Jesus Revolution’

By WND Staff


Tens of thousands of people from around the world are giving up everything they own to fight for their religion. They turn their backs on prosperity and ease. They sacrifice their wishes, even their lives.

They explain they have seen life in the wealthy West, and they find it unsatisfying and meaningless.

But what they are running to, according to New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson, is cause for alarm.

It’s the Islamic State and its unspeakable acts of cruelty, torture and execution of children, beheadings, crucifixions and worse.

Richardson, whose projects including “The Islamic Antichrist,” “Mideast Beast,” and “When a Jew Rules the World,” has traveled the globe seeking to understand the roots of the present violence and revolution in the Middle East.

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He argues the end of the age, and Christ’s return, is near. And Richardson believes this necessitates a new spirit of emboldened Christianity, with believers willing to bravely promote Christ’s message as an alternative to Islam.

“We see radical Islam exploding across the nations,” said Richardson. “Over the past two years alone, we’ve witnessed approximately 30,000 young people from every nation in the world leave everything behind to join the Islamic State. They left their former lives behind, burnt their passports, and joined a truly radical movement. It is completely counter-intuitive.

Christian author and filmmaker Joel Richardson
Christian author and filmmaker Joel Richardson

“Meanwhile, we here in the West are seeing our youth leave the churches in droves. We continue to strive to make coming to church more fun, engaging, relevant. Yet they continue to leave. I am convinced that the only kind of movement that can meet the explosion of global radical Islam is an equally committed movement of believers who make actual biblical discipleship, following Jesus, embracing the cross, and laying our lives down our highest priority.”

Richardson’s newest film, “The Global Jesus Revolution,” produced by WND Films, is what Richardson calls an “End Times Blueprint” for Christians who want to meet the challenge offered by this critical time in history.

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Richardson says the challenge of Islam can only be effectively met with a spiritual response.

“In this present election season, it is worth taking the time to highlight the fact that no candidate is going to save us,” he told WND. “In the end, every political and military solution will fail. The government cannot save us. What is unfolding right now, I saw over two decades ago. For years now, I have been quite vocal in raising my voice to sound the alarm. Many continue to sound the alarm. But if you have not awakened to the threat of global radical Islam yet, you probably never will.

“Most are simply preaching to choir[s] of complainers. Personally, I am just tired of talk. I am trying to reach those are ready to do something. This film is for those who are ready to return to the Gospel, to actually following Jesus, to actually embracing the cross, to plunge themselves headlong into the battle fray, to die with their boots on.”

“The Global Jesus Revolution” features a remarkable exploration of Middle Eastern Christian communities who brave death and persecution to practice and evangelize the Christian religion.

“Thankfully, there are many wonderful examples of believers around the globe who are already doing this,” Richardson said, honoring their courage and faith. “These are the kind of men and woman we sought out and interviewed to make this film.”

Understand the movement that’s sweeping the Middle East and the world . “The Global Jesus Revolution,” available now in the WND Superstore.

George Escobar, who produced and edited the film, paid tribute to Richardson and his team for the dangerous first-hand investigative reporting they performed to create “The Global Jesus Revolution.”

“Joel Richardson and his crew took great risks in venturing deep in the Middle East to capture original footage for this documentary,” said Escobar. “The scenes at turbulent streets, the interviews with leaders and missionaries, the dangerous yet momentous historical moments they captured is a testament to their passion to prepare everyone for the return of Jesus.”

Escobar explains the film will be a revealing experience for many Western Christians.

“Did you know that Iran is at a critical juncture spiritually as a nation and about the turning of its people toward Yeshua?” asked Escobar. “I was stunned to learn about that. I’m hearing about this from the pastors and missionaries working in Iran who are in this amazing documentary.”

Richardson confesses he is impatient with Christians who limit their concern to complaining about the immorality and godlessness of the contemporary United States, especially after seeing what Christians in the Middle East have to face.

“For the past few years, I’ve heard countless Christians say that if the United States does not experience a mighty revival, then we as a nation are doomed,” sighed Richardson. “While I agree with this, unfortunately, ‘revival’ is most often cast as unbelievers repenting of their sins. Homosexuals need to stop pushing the gay agenda. The liberals need to be overcome politically, etc. Biblically speaking however, this is not how it works. Biblically speaking, repentance begins in the house of God.

“Revival will come to this nation, not when unbelievers simply stop acting like unbelievers, but when Christians start actually following Jesus. The greatest problem with the world today is not primarily liberalism or radical Islam, or communism, but lukewarm Christianity. After all, how did it all begin? Was it not a small group of normal, weak, but authentic Christians who truly understood what it meant to follow Jesus who turned the ancient world upside down in little more than one generation?”

Richardson hopes his film will provide a practical guide for Christians who want to practice what he sees as the energetic, authentic Christianity the times demand.

“Rather than create yet another book, film or sermon that simply says that things are getting really bad, or sounding yet another alarm, I wanted to create a film that lays out an actual game plan, and actual end time blue print for what we as Christians should be emphasizing, pursuing, and making a priority,” Richardson told WND. “What does it actually look like when Christians repent of their lukewarm shallow Christianity? These are the things I sought to communicate in making this film.”

But it’s not just for believers. Escobar argues the film is an invaluable guide to the turmoil sweeping the Middle East, especially the revolutionary challenge of radical Islam.

“The remarkable thing about ‘The Global Jesus Revolution’ is the ‘insider’ perspective it provides about world events, terrorism and the Middle East,” Escobar said. “This documentary makes all the confusion make sense.”

Richardson hopes the practical result of his film is nothing less than a rebirth of unashamed, energetic and passionate global Christianity, what he calls the real revolutionary movement of the world.

“In a season of endless bad news, the voices and faces captured in this film will hopefully inspire an army of Christians to follow their lead and return to that revolutionary movement that began it all,” he said.

Understand the movement that’s sweeping the Middle East and the world . “The Global Jesus Revolution,” available now in the WND Superstore.

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