Map showing 124 killings allegedly carried out by illegal aliens after they had been released for previous crimes.

Map showing 124 killings allegedly carried out by illegal aliens after they had been released for previous crimes. Communities in Texas, California and new York have been hit hardest.

Government data obtained through a congressional inquiry shows criminal aliens released by ICE since 2010 have gone on a crime spree that includes 124 new homicides.

These illegals had already been incarcerated for thousands of crimes and were released multiple times into more than 250 U.S. cities and towns to commit further violent crimes including 124 murders, according to an analysis of the data by Center for Immigration Studies research fellow Jessica Vaughan.

Vaughan’s analysis is the latest report to shed light on Obama’s open-border immigration policy. And despite the high number of illegal immigrants charged with murder, the list doesn’t include those released by over 300 so-called “sanctuary cities” and those ICE declined to take into custody.

One of the more surprising aspects of the report was a section showing just how rarely a criminal alien gets deported under the Obama administration.

As of July 25, 2015, only 974 or 3 percent of the 30,558 criminal aliens freed by ICE in 2014 have been removed from the country.

“Presumably some of these aliens are again incarcerated or in ICE custody following conviction for the 2,560 new crimes after their release by ICE,” Vaughan writes.

“However, ICE reports that 28,017 still had a pending immigration case as of July 25, 2015, suggesting that many of these released criminal aliens will remain here for some time under Obama administration policies that allow them to elect for drawn-out immigration court proceedings rather than accelerated forms of due process and removal.”

In addition, there were 1,567 of these released criminal aliens who have gone through their court hearings and been allowed to stay in the United States.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which obtained the data from ICE, chose not to release the names of the alleged illegal alien murderers.

Read ICE’s full response to the Judiciary Committee’s inquiries.

The convicted criminal aliens released by ICE between 2010 and 2014 are responsible for a significant crime spree in American communities, including 124 new homicides.

“Inexplicably, ICE is choosing to release some criminal aliens multiple times,” Vaughan said.

“Only a tiny percentage of the released criminals have been removed — most receive the most generous forms of due process available, and are allowed to remain at large, without supervision, while they await drawn-out immigration hearings. They are permitted to take advantage of this inefficient processing even though they are more likely to re-offend than they are to be granted legal status,” she added.

“There is a human cost to the Obama administration’s careless catch and release policies for criminal aliens, euphemistically known as ‘prioritization.’ These policies have led to 124 new homicides since 2010, and thousands of other crimes that harm citizens and degrade the quality of life in American communities.”

124 Aliens Charged With Homicide After Release Since 2010

A total of 121 criminal aliens who were freed by ICE over the five-year period between 2010 and 2014 were subsequently charged with homicide-related crimes within that time frame. Another three were charged in 2015. These accused murderers were associated with 250 different communities in the United States, with the most clustered in California, New York and Texas.

Vaughan is calling for greater transparency and accountability from ICE with regard to illegal immigrants charged and convicted of crimes.

WND has reported previously on how the Obama administration has covered up various Islamic terror attacks and ignored repeated requests from Sen. Jeff Sessions, R- Ala., to provide the immigration status of more than 72 suspects involved with Islamic terrorist attacks and attempted attacks on U.S. soil over a one-year period.

“The public should not have to rely on members of Congress to demand information from federal immigration agencies about criminal aliens,” Vaughan said. “Immigration status should be reported on a routine basis by all law enforcement agencies, so that federal authorities can respond appropriately when an alien is arrested, and so that the public can determine the true public safety impact of immigration policy.”

Legislation has been introduced by Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., that would remedy this problem, she said.

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