ISIS is part of a much bigger plan

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Farah,

One reason the administration is not dealing with ISIS is because it’s the Brownshirts for Muslim Brotherhood supremacy in the Sunni states.

This is as the administration hoped: a European Union style-state for Sunnis (as well as the same for the Shiites).

The loss of a Sunni-dominated Iraq to the Shiites resulted in a desire by the administration, the Saudis and Qatar to make Syria a Sunni state.

Geopolitically, this makes sense, if you’re willing to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is (as Clapper claimed) largely a “secular state.”

The Egyptians found out the hard way, with the murder of a number of officers by the Muslim Brotherhood who “weren’t religious enough.”

Libya was supposed to be the next domino to fall, and the French and Brits were just as hot as Obama to see it put in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the disaster that led to Benghazi and also led to the current cluster-copulation we see currently. While they should have waited, it wouldn’t have made any difference without Egypt: Egypt was the lynchpin.

Among all these Islamists is Yipyip Errordog of Turkey (a name I will always use for the evil dictator). His attempt to get us into World War III by intimating that the shoot-down of the Russian plane was a NATO op, or NATO approved, was transparent, and now most of NATO has turned against him. Rightly so: We have no intention of starting a nuclear war with Russia, even if the wannabee Mahdi desires it mightily.

He is insane, or at least he shows all the signs of being insane.

I would be tempted to blame everything on Obama, but he was smart enough not to fall for the false flag event sponsored by John McLame and Wimpsy Graham and the faux-PhD Elizabeth O’bagy – who immediately went to work for McLame as soon as her cover was blown.

The sarin was terror grade, not weapons grade. (Assad has or had weapons grade, likely from Saddam’s stocks.) It is said to have come through Turkey, the land of intrigue – and that is certainly plausible enough. Furthermore, the last people to see the late ambassador alive – other than those normally with him – was the Turkish consulate general, who left the compound shortly before the attack commenced.  One is tempted to suggest that someone in his party gave the go-ahead for the slaughter.

Stevens wanted to clean up the 20,000 MANPAD systems; it is likely that the “rebels” (and their sponsors in Ankara) did not want to give them up. My hunch is that Ankara started the whole operation on that account, and we did nothing because it was an ally initiating the attack.

Time for regime change in Turkey. Let the Turkish military do it themselves, with no help – and no objections – from us.

Errordog has seen himself as the Muslim Messiah for some time, a Caliph of a nouveau Ottoman Empire. Such delusions have often led to tremendous conflict, from Hitler to Stalin to Napoleon, all of whom believed they could carry the banner of world leader.

Yipyip’s footsoldiers are in Europe already, and they are on the way to the U.S. (Some are here already.)

This is no small matter, ISIS. It is part of a larger plan, a more sinister plan – and one in which the European Union itself is thoroughly invested.

Not just Qatar and Saud Arabia – this is a globalist fantasy, to make a larger Sunni superstate and a larger Shiite superstate.

ISIS, as I said, is just the Brownshirt crew, to be removed as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood is established in Syria.

This is why the Russians have been successful; I’m not the only one seeing this. They’ve basically thrown chewing gum in the gears of the internationalists, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Jim McFarland

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