ISIS presses attacks on Merkel’s offices, airport

By Cheryl Chumley

ISIS has called for attacks on Angela Merkel's offices.
ISIS has called for attacks on Angela Merkel’s offices.

ISIS terrorists posted pictures on the Internet that called on Muslims in Germany to conduct attacks, similar to what took place recently in Brussels, against offices occupied by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The pictures also pressed for terror strikes against the Cologne-Bonn airport, Reuters reported.

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The images were widely published in Germany by local media. Included with the pictures were slogans in German that called for Muslims to attack the “enemy of Allah,” the news outlet said.

“We are aware of this material and our experts are checking it,” a member of Germany’s BKA federal police said, in Reuters. “It is clear that Germany is the focus of international terrorism and that attacks could happen, but this material doesn’t change our security assessment.”

Brussels was hit by terror attacks on March 22 that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. ISIS claimed responsibility for the assault, and shortly after promised more “spectacular” attacks of such nature in key spots in Europe.

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One of the just-published images shows an ISIS terrorist in combat fatigues in a field, looking at Cologne-Bonn airport, beneath which is written: “What your brothers in Belgium were able to do, you can do too.”

Another showed the chancellor building in Berlin on fire, alongside pictures of an ISIS terrorist and tank, with the caption: “Germany is a battlefield.”


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