Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura, the former wrestler who served as governor of Minnesota who stoked flames when he sued killed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle for defamation, now says he’ll run for president if Democratic contender Sen. Bernie Sanders doesn’t win.

He told the Daily Beast his independent run for governor in 1998 was so successful at showing how an outsider could win, that Donald Trump and Sanders are “ripping him off,” he said.

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Ventura also claimed he could win the race for the presidency, coming in as the ultimate independent.

“They’re setting the groundwork for me because if Bernie loses, by the time we get to June, how sick are the people going to be of all these people,” he said, the Daily Beast reported. “See I’m an independent and I despise the two parties.”

He also gave high marks to Trump.

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“I love what Trump’s doing to the Republicans,” Ventura said. “He’s got them in complete disarray. In fact, it looks like the WWE when you watch their debates.”

Ventura went on, the Daily Beast reported: “I support the revolution of what’s happening here. There’s three things where I stand with Bernie on more so than Trump. Number one is campaign finance reform.”

Number two, he said, was “the war,” and three, the war on drugs.

Ventura, who also served as a Navy SEAL, won a $1.85 million award from Kyle’s family after a jury found the deceased sniper of “American Sniper” movie fame had wrongfully alleged in his book to have punched the wrestling star in 2006 during a bar fight. Ventura said the event didn’t happen, and a jury agreed with him.

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