Look who’s winning war against ISIS

By Joseph Farah

As ISIS spreads its deadly terrorist war to the West, a campaign to destroy the group’s home base is seeing big victories.

Are any of the Western countries targeted by ISIS a part of the effort? Not at all.

In the last several days, Russia and Syria drove ISIS out of the Syrian city of Palmyra, perhaps the biggest defeat for the Sunni psycho-sadists since it launched its scorched-earth war in 2014.

You might recall what ISIS did when it captured Palmyra – slaughtering Christians and other non-Sunni religious minorities and blowing up ancient temples.

The recapture of Palmyra opens up a huge expanse of desert leading east to the ISIS strongholds in Raqqa and Deir al-Zor, opening up a launching pad to expand military operations and permitting the Syrian army, with the support of Russian air power, to cut supply routes and retake more territory.

In other words, Russia’s intervention in September turned the tide of Syria’s five-year conflict in Bashar Assad’s favor. Despite its declared withdrawal of most military forces two weeks ago, Russian jets and helicopters carried out dozens of strikes daily over Palmyra as the army pushed into the city.

It’s mop-up time for the Russian air force.

Meanwhile, it’s a good time to ask where the U.S. and its vaunted Western and Arab coalition forces have been.


Russia and Syria are killing and uprooting ISIS, and the West is doing virtually nothing. Why? Because Barack Obama and other Western leaders can’t drop their single-minded focus from overthrowing Assad.

It’s predictable where all this leads.

Because of Russia’s willingness to take on ISIS in support of Assad, regime change in Syria is less likely than ever.

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The lesson here is obvious: Obama’s idea of overthrowing Assad as the highest priority in the Middle East was not only misguided, it’s now doomed to failure.

Russia wins. U.S. loses.

But most importantly of all, ISIS is on the run on their own home turf. Isn’t that something for the entire civilized world to celebrate?

Yet, how much have you heard about this on the news in the last week?

We’ve been told over and over by the administration that ISIS couldn’t be defeated with widespread use of air power. But that was only true because the U.S. and the West refused to cooperate with the Syrian army – comprised, by the way, of a united multicultural blend of Christians, Shiites, Alawites and Sunnis, the type of coalition the West only dreams of assembling.

It was always a mistake to take on Assad and ISIS at the same time. That’s why the U.S. military campaigns have been so unsuccessful.

When the world is faced with a demonic enemy from hell like ISIS, you can’t even think about fighting on two fronts – with one of them being ISIS’ worst nightmare.

That’s what Barack Obama tried to do so ineffectively. Remember his blurry red line in the sand against Syria? That was the death knell for any successful military campaign against ISIS.

Assad is not an angel, for sure. But he’s not a genocidal maniac, either. ISIS is.

You might think there would be some celebrations in Europe and America today because of the successful campaign by Russia and Syria. After all, can’t all those so-called “Syrian refugees” start heading back home now? Instead, what Obama is doing is recommitting himself to bringing more to the U.S.

But now, thanks to Obama’s insincere, too-little-too-late military strategy against ISIS, the demonic Islamo-psychos will have little choice but to step up their attacks on the U.S. and Europe. Russia and Syria will be rid of their enemies as they divert their strategy to international terrorism.

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