‘Lube Olympics’ follow lecture on ‘debunking’ LGBT stereotypes

By Douglas Ernst

A student group's effort to dispel LGBT stereotype's at the University of California, Merced, involves hosting the "Lube Olympics" during Pride Week (Photo: Facebook, Vaseline)
A student group’s effort to debunk LGBT stereotypes at the University of California, Merced, involves hosting the “Lube Olympics” during “Pride Week” (Photo: Facebook, Vaseline)

A California college group will attempt to dispel stereotypes about homosexuals while simultaneously hosting the “Lube Olympics,” a drag show, and an adult “slumber party.”

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“Pride Week” at the University of California, Merced, featured a lecture called “Debunking Stereotypes” on Tuesday, but also includes a drag show and the “Lube Olympics” later this week. The activities were planned by an LGBT student group called Lambda Alliance with assistance from the Office of Student Life.

“Many individuals come to this diverse campus without a lot exposure to the LGBT+ community,” Andre Frise, Lambda Alliance vice president, told educational watchdog Campus Reform on Wednesday. “We like to use Pride Week as a platform to engage that learning opportunity and, overall, celebrate diversity.”

Frise did not mention how stereotypes surrounding the promiscuity of homosexuals would be mitigated with events like the “Lube Olympics” and adult “slumber parties.”

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“Explore the fun side of lube on the Mariposa Lawn as we get down and dirty with safe-sex items!” Lambda Alliance’s event description reads. “If you’re not down with lubing up, why not try your fashion skills at drag racing and tie-dye a T-shirt, all the while learning about safe sex practices!”

The university did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment by the time its story was published.

University of California, Merced, will host a lecture for LGBT students called "Debunking Stereotypes" in March followed by a drag show and the "Lube Olympics" days later
University of California, Merced, followed up a lecture for LGBT students on “Debunking Stereotypes” with a drag show and the “Lube Olympics”


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