Suggest that Islam bears watching as a dangerous ideology that can foster hatred, violence, terror and even genocide and you will almost assuredly be labeled an “Islamophobe.”

Yet, it’s not a fear of Muslims or Islam that causes some to warn about an ideology that subjugates women, uses children as cannon fodder and encourages their best and brightest to blow themselves up in the name of Allah. On the contrary, it takes courage to portray Islam in an honest fashion.

I can still remember a generation ago when those who warned about communism were dismissed as “red-baiters” who saw communists “under every bed.” But communism ended up killing 100 million people in the 20th century and making 10 times that many lives miserable.

Who was right then?

Who is right now?

I personally think the people who insist that Islam is a “religion of peace” and nothing more are the real Islamophobes.

Oftentimes, they are the same people who denounce Christianity.

Did you ever consider how easy it is to rage against Christianity? No one loses their mortal life doing it. It’s safe. Christians don’t issue fatwas against critics. They don’t behead critics. They don’t rape them, they don’t bomb them and they don’t shoot them. Everyone knows who does those things.

Christians pray for their enemies. It’s a commandment.

This contrived blind spot toward Islam dominates the media, academia, government, the military and even our national security infrastructure.

The question is why.

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I believe there are at least three major reasons:

  • Money and power: Islam is not just a religion for its adherents. It is, as I mentioned, an ideology – one that transcends everything about life for the observant Muslim. It is a systematic worldview and way of life. It has its own laws that govern every aspect of life – not just for the believer but for the unbeliever. And its unmistakable mission is to dominate the entire world, as it once did as the largest empire, and most recent, in the history of the world in terms of land mass and population under its control. Even though it may have the appearance of backwardness, with its devotion to seventh-century traditions and superstitions, it is powerful, wealthy beyond imagination and sophisticated in it propaganda. It uses its power, wealth and propaganda effectively through strategic investments in some of the largest news media corporations in the world – including Fox News’ parent company and, most recently, Twitter. It invests hundreds of millions in the form of grants and donations to prestigious universities, including Harvard and Georgetown, always with a quid pro quo – such as Middle East studies departments, endowed chairs and encouragement to enroll Muslim foreign students.

    Islamic wealth also underwrites activist groups in the U.S. whose sole purpose is to persuade Americans they have nothing to fear from Islam. In addition, oil magnates publish textbooks for U.S. schools, libraries and colleges. The magnitude of economic infiltration into the U.S., however, remains a well-guarded secret, thanks to a 1982 federal court ruling that shields this information from the general public. If you want to challenge Shariah interests in the U.S. using American law, good luck. Just try to find a major law firm in Washington that isn’t compromised by its own business with Saudi or other oil state interests.

  • “Progressive” delusions: In the worldview of the political left, the highest callings are multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity. These are the blessed sacraments of the “progressive.” And all three play well for the infiltration of radical Islam into every aspect of American life. “Progressives” rightly discern that the values of Judaism and Christianity represent the pillars of the Western civilization they detest. Therefore, just like Western civ, Judeo-Christian ethics need to go. But not so Islam. Even though, on the face of it, Islam’s values are totally at odds with the secularist left, “progressives” see Islam as little more than an oppressed challenger to the West. Note, for instance, the left’s growing hostility to Israel.
  • Real fear: The real Islamophobes are the people who indeed fear Islam. Because Islamophobia literally means “fear of Islam.” And those who truly “fear” Islam are those who capitulate to it. In fact, instilling fear has been a tactic of Islam since its earliest days, dating back to Muhammad. It continues today, with ISIS as a prime example. How do a few thousand lightly armed militiamen make such progress in taking over so much territory so quickly in Iraq and Syria? With unspeakable brutality that instills overwhelming fear. The strategy literally is designed to make Islam’s targets faint in fear of the brutality that is coming their way, in the ultimate forms, torture, rape and beheadings.

With the last example in mind, I direct you to a 2014 New York Times story headlined, “Years of Rape and ‘Utter Contempt’ in Britain: Life in an English Town Where Abuse of Young Girls Flourished.” If you read the entire story, you will be struck by one glaring omission – the common denominator of the perpetrators of these ugly, violent crimes. Not once in the story are they all identified as Muslims, which they were – all of them, 100 percent.

That is what I call real Islamophobia. I think fear of Islam is what prevents the identification of the perpetrators in a way that makes the story understandable – fear of Islam and the consequences of telling the truth about it, as well as fear of being labeled as “Islamophobic.”

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