Obama bombast strikes again

By Barbara Simpson

There’s no end to it.

Funny how it works. The girls have a spring vacation just as Daddy Barack plans a political trip to Cuba to glad-hand with the Castros and make some headlines for the liberals.

But it was more than that. It was a vacation tour for the whole family, complete with the mother-in-law. There was Michelle in her expensive, albeit too youthful, couture gowns, while the two daughters had their first chance to make a public appearance in smashing formal wear.

Then the three Brussels terrorist bombings spoiled things for Obama – but only briefly. He took less than 60 seconds to comment on the major devastation, and he was off to a ball game, more sightseeing and then a trip to Argentina.

Where did that come from?

Oh well, it was a new experience for the girls and certainly for Americans. We got a chance to see photos of Obama doing the tango with a professional dancer, enabling him to gain more cool points – from whomever it is who might even care.

Terrorists – what terrorists?

Obama also had another opportunity to apologize for everything the U.S. has done in that part of the world, but what got him the biggest headlines were the pictures of him dancing. Michelle was on the dance floor too, but her photos just got buried.

I’ll bet she loved that!

His presidential coolness made him look like a regular guy, but in the meantime, no mention of Brussels or terrorism. There was not a word as to how many Americans were killed or missing.

Oh, Barack did ask that our flags be flown at half-staff, not for Americans injured or killed, but for all affected in that terror attack.

That was a nice touch but it perpetuates the overwhelming realization by Americans that we have a president who refuses to face reality of the threat to the civilized world from Islamic terrorism. In fact it’s an enemy he refuses to even call by name.

Does any of that mayhem have anything to do with this country or with our security? Does Obama – or anyone in his administration – care about the ongoing experience of Europe in dealing with the massive refugee problems, the crime, the inundation of its societies and the effect on the people, and the imminent and very real threat that among the migration of people are those who are, indeed, terrorists?

Judging by his non-reaction, any logical person would conclude Obama doesn’t care and doesn’t think it’s a problem, especially for Americans.

Another example of this is a report in the Washington Examiner quoting from Obama’s brief Easter message. He vowed to “decimate the Islamic State,” but that we would do it not by warfare but “by offering an example of freedom, tolerance and open society.”

In light of that, he reinforced that he has no plan to cut back on his goal to admit more than 100,000 refugees into this country this year.

Mind you, this is in addition to the thousands already here legally and illegally.

Is this something he’s taken a vote on? Apparently not.

Is this something Congress has had anything to do with? Apparently not.

Is this something about which the Pentagon or any aspect of the military has had any input? Apparently not.

Is this something about which the citizens of the United States have had any say?

Absolutely not. And it’s clear that Barack Obama and his confreres in Washington and elsewhere really don’t care what the American people think.

It is perfectly clear that Barack Obama has his own idea about the condition of the country and the world. He has his own ideas about the role of terrorism and its effect on free people here and elsewhere.

It is perfectly clear he has no consideration for the effect of just dumping – yes, dumping – hundreds of so-called refugees from all over the world into our towns, cities and states. These people are from societies markedly different from ours. There’s no preparation for the receiving communities and no assistance for the refugees themselves.

What is supposed to happen to these people? Are they supposed to become Americans? If so, just how is that supposed to happen?

And if not, just what is supposed to happen to them and, quite frankly, to the rest of us?

It is perfectly clear to any thinking person that the man who is the president of the United States does not care about any of this. He only seems to care that he can spread these refugees across the United States, and Americans are supposed to just accept it, without objection.

I don’t claim to know what the outcome will be to all of this, though I have my suspicions, and they are dire.

However, if anyone has any question as to why Donald Trump has the support he does, this is the reason.

Barack Obama has created Donald Trump’s support.

Donald Trump is saying what average Americans want to hear: Protect our country, our future and our heritage, and the bottom line is immigration. Stop it and fix it.

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