Obama’s ‘National Lampoon Latin American Vacation’

By Larry Klayman

Two weeks ago last Tuesday, my father, Herman Klayman, died of lung cancer with all of his children, grandchildren and former wives present in the emergency room of Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, our family’s native city. I loved him deeply, and even his former spouses loved him deeply. He lived each day with a great sense of optimism, never letting anything get him down, and he would never admit defeat. He also had a great sense of humor. His life and counsel influenced me greatly.

With the news coming out of Cuba this week about the visit of our president to this communist nation, although still grieving his death, I remembered with a wry smile my Dad’s brief encounter with Fidel Castro’s only daughter, Alina Fernandez. On a trip I had taken with her in the late 1990s to lobby lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to increase pressure on her father, then-President Fidel Castro, to release from prison Cuban dissidents, many of whom I legally represented at Judicial Watch, along with my group’s Miami Cuban-American Director Sandra Cobas, we passed through the City of Brotherly Love on the way to the U.S. “capital of corruption.” At the Prime Rib Restaurant on Locust Street, one of my Dad’s “prime” watering holes near his condo on Rittenhouse Square, he encountered Alina over drinks at the bar before dinner. Looking into her eyes with a devilish smile after a brief introduction, my Dad, whom ironically was a better-looking version of actor Jack Nicholson with a similar personality, quipped; “You know, you’re not bad looking! If you play your cards right, maybe I will marry you. …” Alina also smiled and seemed pleased at the shocking and unexpected compliment. That was my Dad; always joking and making people laugh.

The laughter invoked by my Dad asking Fidel’s daughter to marry him – Alina had fled Cuba after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union – was in stark contrast to the less than funny and in fact disgraceful and outrageous conduct of President Obama during his “appeasement tour” of Cuba this week. Indeed, even the Cuban dictator’s own offspring, conceived out of wedlock to a radical communist mother, could not stand the evil oppression of the hellhole her father and her uncle Raul Castro had imposed on their people – replete with constant Hitleresque torture, mayhem and murder intended to further and maintain their communist dictatorship. It is no wonder that Alina, after fleeing to Spain, ultimately immigrated to Miami to later spend her time broadcasting on Radio Mambi into Cuba with messages to the Cuban people to rise up and challenge the tyrannical ways of her father and uncle.

The display our “Socialist-Muslim in Chief” put on in Cuba and later in Argentina was without precedent in American history. Not even having been greeted on his arrival at the airport in Havana and thus disrespected by Raul Castro (the Cuban president had greeted the pope there just a few weeks earlier), Obama then addressed the equivalent of the Cuban parliament in a televised speech. Beginning his speech by equating the common history of the United States with Cuba, he emphasized that slaves had largely built both nations. Then, not naming even one Caucasian American, he referenced only African-Americans like Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King to point out that the United States, like Cuba, is not “perfect” when it comes to discrimination. Indeed, the majority of Obama’s speech essentially was meant to lower the esteem and prestige of the United States and to reduce its stature in the eyes of the Cuban people to curry favor and conform more closely to the communist nation of the Castros. And, when Obama on occasion talked about rights of free speech and democracy in America and how these principles should hopefully, eventually find their way into Cuban society (“Castro Cubano Style”), there was hardly any applause forthcoming from the Cuban parliamentary members who were begrudgingly present for his speech.

But the most troubling aspect of Obama’s presentation was the short shrift, at its outset, in even acknowledging the Muslim terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, that had occurred just hours before. Spending only 51 seconds on the subject, our illegitimate president could not wait to run away from the topic with haste, as part of his continuing effort to paint a good face on his fellow Muslims worldwide. Later in the day, in total disrespect for even the American victims of the ISIS attack, he went off to a baseball game, only to be photographed grinning widely and stuffing his face likely with empanadas as he gazed onto the field and occasionally into the eyes of his comrade Raul Castro – all the time donning designer sunglasses. How chic but hardly presidential under the circumstances, which out of respect for Obama’s own “adopted country” should have required him to return home immediately to meet with “his” National Security Council.

Making comedian-actor Chevy Chase proud, not to be undone by the spectacle in Havana, Obama next traveled with his wife, children and, believe it or not, his mother-in-law on their “National Lampoon Latin American Vacation” to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to cozy up to the socialist, Peronist-run government there. Undaunted and unashamed, he made it a point to do the tango with sexy theatrical “escorts” at a state dinner – effectively dancing on the graves of those killed in Brussels. Even the leftist media in the United States showed disgust, as the Socialist-Muslim in Chief had gone so far, however difficult, as to even embarrass them as a bad example of their creed.

It is now even more apparent that Obama, being in his last year of an arrogant, belligerent, divisive and highly destructive presidency, believes that he can do whatever he wants, regardless of appearances. He is consciously disparaging the United States as his final payback for what he views as hundreds of years of continuing racial discrimination toward African-Americans and, more recently, his fellow Muslims. Like the low-class staffs of Bill and Hillary Clinton that vandalized computers and furniture on their way out the White House door, to show their disdain for incoming President George W. Bush after his victory in the court case challenging the ballot count in Florida, Obama’s persecution complex and latent hatred has caused him to trash our Judeo-Christian national heritage and national security as his final days in the peoples’ house hopefully comes to an end.

This president, put simply, is a national and international disgrace. Nothing more needs to be said. We the People must now go forth to rebuild our great nation and seek justice for the severely damaging and frequently “criminal actions” of Obama and his comrades.

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