Only Trump can unify America

By Jesse Lee Peterson

All of the little demons are coming out against Trump. Their heyday is coming to a close with Obama’s presidency, as Trump’s approaches. Donald Trump is uniquely able to unite America because he exposes the divisions and phoniness in America, left and right. Trump has the clear-thinking courage to deal with our problems directly. No other presidential candidate comes close to addressing the hatred and lies collapsing America.

The longer you wait to address a problem, the tougher the measures you have to use. When evil is allowed, it grows. When you let a bully group get away with spreading mess, the evil that drives it is emboldened. The weak responses of “decent” people have allowed wickedness to build movements of hate and lies, such as Black Lives Matter, Muslim activists, Copwatch groups, Occupy Wall Street and phony “peaceful protesters” who are really agitators and propagandists providing cover for rioters and criminals, promoting hatred, blame and lies against Trump, America, police and whites. Blinded by anger, Trump’s hard truth feels like hate to them, while emotional lies feel like love.

You must get tough with a bully. If you have to, you beat up a bully. The bully learns he can’t mess with you. The bully stops. This is a man’s game. The other Republicans are playing it like women – and losing. You cannot always play nice, by manmade rules of “civility.” Even Jesus name-called with the truth.

Where was effective conservative censure against Obama for this division that he exacerbated at every opportunity the past eight years? Because he was black and feigned decorum, they played along powerlessly. For all of Obama’s highly inappropriate meddling and, in Ted Cruz’s description, “lawlessness,” where were the serious calls for impeachment by our elected representatives? They’re either cowards or they are blind and agree with Obama. Barack Obama has divided the country with lies and wicked insinuations about whites, authorities, Republicans, Christians and men. To their shame, Americans failed to counter in a big way with a unifying message of truth – until Trump.

Breitbart reported that a Black Lives Matter agitator (who refused to come on my radio show) posted an anti-police gear list instructing agitators to spray paint the visors of police helmets and windshields of their armored trucks, blocking their vision and hindering their movement. This is evil. These angry “protesters” cannot interpret reality because they are spiritually blind. So they may think they are being attacked and take that as an excuse to assault and endanger police and others around them, and vandalize our property out of their own ignorance and false judgment.

The rioters’ instructions were posted in Arabic and English. Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street are both supporters of Palestinian terrorists Hamas, anti-Israel haters who use children as human shields.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Black Lives Matter promised to “shut down” the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland. We can only hope for a proper response if Trump is in charge.

The Black Lives Matter agitators also suggested rioters carry “a rose so we can show that we can do as we ought to and join together in the most peaceful way possible.” This is fake love, showing false peace and pure propaganda.

Conservative media outlet Progressives Today showed anti-Trump “protesters” shouting “F— Trump” at families entering Trump Tower in Chicago – with children around. The angry mockers cried about made-up things like “racism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia.” They are fear-mongering about Trump, but accusing him of being the fear monger.

At a campaign rally in Virginia, as with most rallies he’s put on, Trump was interrupted multiple times by agitators. After offensive chants of “Black Lives Matter” (as if anyone other than liberals don’t know), Trump answered with “All Lives Matter.” Trump said we will unify the country – that we have big problems that people don’t comprehend. Trump said he could talk with some protesters – but some are looking for trouble, and we have to be tough and swift.

Evil is used to getting its way under Obama’s wicked leadership, and under the failure to lead on the part of weak Christians, Republicans and most white men. Now that one white Christian Republican man, Donald Trump, is finally standing up – like crabs in a bucket, the losers are trying to drag Trump down and blame him for the anger and disturbance of peace that has brewed for eight years and longer, that they ignored and failed to address. Conservatives attacking Trump for speaking the truth freely without fear are like the blind blacks attacking me for speaking the truth freely without anger.

Fiery preachers were instrumental in first uniting America and bringing about our independence. Today, most preachers live in their hell of useless fear and anger. Evil wants to drag us into darkness through temptation, intimidation and rage. If whites don’t start correcting blacks, they will continue to become like them, just as Republicans have become like Democrats, Christians like the world, and men like women and children. If men don’t start leading, America will continue to fall apart in its downward slide.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

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