Kyle Andrew Odom (Facebook via the Washington Post)

Kyle Andrew Odom (Facebook via the Washington Post)

Police on Monday said the suspect who shot Tim Remington, the pastor who put his arm around Sen. Ted Cruz and delivered a prayer at his campaign stop in Idaho, is likely a 30-year-old former Marine named Kyle Andrew Odom.

They’ve kicked off a manhunt to find and arrest him.

“Odom should be considered to be armed and dangerous,” said Coeur d’Alene police in a statement on the department’s Facebook page.

Authorities are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting and whether it was tied to Remington’s appearance at Cruz’s campaign stop over the weekend.

Some at the Altar Church where Remington served thought the shooting may have been tied to his help for drug addicts.


“One of the bullets TRIED to enter the brain but stopped at the skull,” said Roger Crigger, a family friend who posted an update about Remington’s condition on Facebook. “Emergency room [technicians] and [medical professionals] are calling this a miracle, I’m saying, by today’s worldly standards it IS a miracle.”

The shooting occurred a day after Remington attended Cruz’s campaign rally about 75 miles from the Canadian border. He provided the invocation before a crowd of about 3,000 the Spokesman-Review reported.

And the next day, while walking to his car after giving a Sunday sermon at his church, Remington was ambushed and shot by someone believed to have attended that very service.

John Padula, an outreach pastor at the church who watched the security footage of the scene, said the man “just started shooting him in the back” before fleeing in a silver Honda Accord, the Washington Post said.

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Padula said the pastor had been shot in the lung, head, hip and shoulder, but was expected to recover.

“He’s absolutely fine,” he said.

Police identified Odom as the suspected shooter and said he once served as a corporal in the Marine Corps and was a biochemistry student at the University of Idaho.

“We need to make sure this individual is taken off the streets as quickly as possible,” Coeur d-Alene Police Chief Lee White said to the Spokesman-Review.

The Cruz campaign, meanwhile, issued a statement.

“Our prayers are with Pastor Tim, his family and the doctors who are supervising his care,” said Catherine Frazier, a campaign spokesperson, to NBC News. “We pray for his full recovery and are thankful for the efforts of law enforcement to ensure the attacker is swiftly brought to justice.”

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